Lesson learned from baking Crinkles.

I baked last weekend. Finally.

After all the weekend errands that I needed to finish I took some of my precious time to bake. I’ve been planning this for the last 3 weeks.This is the 100th time that I baked this goodies. What can go wrong?

Well a lot of things went wrong because of  –  1) Impatience a.k.a too much excitement      2) Not following instructions 3) Not enough concentration

I was planning to bake cupcakes but changed my mind and opt to one of my favourites -Crinkles. Then I changed my mind again, and planned to bake some brownies but my ingredients are not meant for them so I baked CRINKLES just like my original plan.


I just realized that I made these mistakes consciously.Like I am aware that I am doing something wrong but I still proceed on doing it. Just because all along I thought I can fix it. Wrong.  I am so impatient that I didn’t follow the right instructions when it comes to the 4 hour wait and covering the dough after mixing it all together.Did I mix it properly? NO.

In life we also do this, we know there’s a process, we know the right way but we opt to short cuts and the easy way possible.”What can go wrong? I did this a lot of times.” Usually whenever we got too excited on making decisions, jumping into conclusions and assumptions it leads us to numerous failures, heartaches and pain.

While baking, I was watching TV at the same time. There are some tasks in life that needs our 100% attention  like – baking. 1/2 teaspoon salt became 2 teaspoon. My crinkles became sweet, salty and bitter. You can really taste the parts that are sweet – that are bitter and and that are salty because I gave up on mixing them the right way. I am such a lazy person because I know that something is not right. I gave up on it instead of saving the recipe. I could have added more love or cocoa or concentration to what I am doing.

Whenever we do something, if you can’t give your heart at least give your attention or don’t do it at all. This is applicable in both real life and baking.

Hopefully,next time, my family can feel my love out of every bite. :)



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