M is for Motherhood.

If you’ve been reading about my blog, I’ve transitioned from an emotional writer to a much more better person than that. A lot of things changed and so are my thoughts. Daily thoughts. I entitled this post “M is for Motherhood” because I want to honor and thank all of the mothers out there for simply being a MOM. We are all raised by one and we should be grateful that God made us one.

It’s not just 9 months.

For 9 months we shared our body with another human being and who said it will end after 9 months? Surprise! It will last a lifetime. My mother still takes good care of me, Tags and Ellie. And I am planning to do the same thing to my kid.Motherhood(parenthood), it doesn’t end and you cannot simply quit. How can you quit and just let go when you know that they are always a part of you. Motherhood is forever.

It’s not just multi-tasking.

Mothers are strong – to carry a baby for 9 months until they weigh 9 kilos or more. To manage a household and finances while taking care of the kids and even managing a job. It takes time and dedication.During the first few days after giving birth – I never felt so weary my whole life, AND I am just lying there… breastfeeding Ellie and while we were on a feeding session, I am thinking about work and the new house and the documents that we need to process for her visa and a lot more things.Add to that the fact that I am also recovering from C-Section. Motherhood requires time and dedication.

It’s not just stock-knowledge.

We are not trained for this.There’s no dry-run not even a try-out not even a manual to guide. As mothers, we have a way of figuring things out – like what our mothers did. We put into practice what has been passed to us by tradition, by pieces of advice, stories and a first-hand experiences, of other mothers too. We learn cooking and baking. We learn how to sing, do arts and crafts and even create something good out of scratch. We gather knowledge on how we are going to raise our kids, what kind of education should we give, what summer classes should they try. And we even go beyond the usual things – we checked the sodium levels of water they are drinking, the tiny ingredients on the pudding they like and we even make sure that the teddy bear we bought has a good quality fur. Motherhood is learning non-stop.

It’s not just about giving birth to children.

Not all females who gave birth are mothers.Mother is synonymous to nurture, nurse, protect, cherish, tend, raise and rear.Being mothers, we have the capacity to shape the future. It is in our hands on how we are going to raise our child. Being a mother is a 24/7 job, making sure that everything is doing great and everybody survives the day. I am not forgetting the roles of our husbands too. But always remember that, we are the light to guide our children and the one and only support system that our husband needs. The hand that rocks the cradle holds the pompoms too.Motherhood takes a lot more than having the ability to birth children.

I am thankful that God gave me a great mom. We fight and argue about so many things but I learned a lot from her. Sometimes whenever a word comes out of my mouth I can hear her talking. :) When God made me a mother, He gave me a special power and like what the famous phrase says “…with great power comes great responsibility.” The impact that we can do to the lives of our kids cannot be measured. I know I am not a perfect mother but I will always try to be a good one.




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