Why Knowing What You Want in a Relationship is Important?

We are always looking for the ONE. Another human being that complements are existence. The person that can give us the butterflies or the zoo, someone who can add colors, sparkles, glitters and confetti in our lives.

I was single for about 2 years before Tags and I started dating. During the first year of singleness I closed my eyes, switched off my heart and removed myself inside the dating circle. I’ve got this “on-my-own” stance. I took yoga classes,went to the gym, I learned new software, read books and even became an active member of a church/youth group. I basically gave time for me and took a time off from dating. Truth be told – I didn’t do this because I wasn’t able to get over the last boy I dated. And you should not do this because you need to get over someone. YOU need to do this for yourself.

I did this because I need to detoxify my life totally that I need to know myself again, to set limitations and standards and to fully know what I want and at least have a clue of what I truly deserve.Everyday is a revelation day.It just dawned on me. On the course of getting to know myself better ,I learned what I want in a relationship:

  1. Certainty. NO grey areas. I want to be in a relationship with someone who knows what they want. No indecisiveness. I want someone who is sure about me. I don’t want to be in a position of guessing if he likes/loves me. At this point I know I am sure that the issue of cheating lessens. You cannot just be here today and gone tomorrow.KEYWORD: CERTAINTY.
  2. Stability. I know that when we talk about stability the first thing that you might think of is money. It is a factor. But what I am talking about here is emotional stability. This is the part where your head and your heart finally learned about teamwork.
  3. Positivity.I have my fair share of bad romance and sad memories. I. CANNOT. DO. THAT. ANYMORE.

Knowing what we want defines the parameters of what we need to do for a relationship to work out. Since it takes two to tango, we have to make sure that our partner knows the same steps, shares the same passion and exerts the same amount of conscious effort to make it work. I may sound ideal, but believe me ,somewhere out there, someone got the same exact thing going inside their head. Patience is a talent. Don’t settle when you are half-hearted.




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