Halloween is here!

Weekends ended just like that. Although it was short, we made sure that we spent our precious time with our little one and the whole family of course! :)  Thursday night, after office we went to Legoland Dubai. We got free tickets! Although it’s just a soft opening we were able to stroll around the park. Friday, we went to Dubai Mall to do some errands and extend our family time because my hubby will have new work schedule starting next week. Roaming around the mall I can feel that halloween is here! I adore little kids in costume – fairies, witches, ballerinas, action heroes and other cute ideas parents made for their kids to wear. I told Tags that I want Ellie to be part of this. I already have a costume in mind. We checked different places and even hotels but we were late for that Trick or Treat events for kids.


It’s fun to know that parent’s really took time in designing(or buying) their kids costumes. Although the feeling is spooky I can actually see the kids enjoying the festivity. Who wouldn’t enjoy a bag of sweets and goodies? I can say that kids are braver these days. When I was a kid I was scared of the creepy decorations. The images and decorations were stored in my head for a very long time and I got nightmares because of it.


Halloween is here but we are a bit late to register for the events and Ellie is too young to appreciate it. I’ll just keep it in mind next year to check at least weeks before not days before. I’ll just prepare something at home or maybe bring her to the park again :)



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