There will be blood.

Just when I thought that every thing is going fine – Ellie slipped and hit her lips on the edge of our bed. She cried and I almost cried too. That’s her first time and there’s blood.

I panicked and shouted at Tags. I know that he is looking at the same thing  – blood. We thought it was coming from her gums which we knew will cause bigger problems because she is teething :(

Toddlers are very prone to accident. It’s a fact. I just don’t expect this too happen because we did some baby proofing around the house.It is the unexpected that caught us.

After throwing a loud cry and lots of tears and blood. We put some ice on her lips after that she is fine. Like F-I-N-E. She even laugh like nothing happened to her, she started smiling and went down the bed again, run around and in less than a minute she slipped and stumbled again.

That’s why I’ve decided to tuck her to bed earlier than usual. It all happened in less than an hour!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. writeshefali says:

    Good to know all is fine 😊👍🏼


    1. MrsTags says:

      thanks! ^_^ she stumbled again after that… my mom said that at this stage we need to be extra careful because she will run and explore..and get hurt.

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      1. writeshefali says:

        Oh, that’s bad… don’t have a kid yet, but seen my best friend always watching over her son, she is like you never know what the child can do, sometimes stumble, sometimes put something in their nose eye or ear… so I guess u r in 24/7 surveillance mode now, all d best 😊


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