Ellie got a new bath rituals :)

There’s a sudden change of weather here in UAE and I noticed that Ellie’s skin is getting flaky (red flag here) and she is becoming scratchy and irritable every time she is feeling itchy. On one of my posts I shared with you the soaps and lotions she is using which is under the brand SebaMed. There’s nothing wrong with that, but her pedia said that since we have a case of skin asthma it would be better if we can opt for a much stronger but gentle on skin moisturizer for her. At first I told Tags that we can try using Mustela, my sister, Jessica used the same and it worked effectively for her.

Her pedia recommended QV.At first I hesitated to buy that because I am not familiar with that and I haven’t heard any of my friends using the brand (well…yes.. friends matter). She explained to us that this brand is really meant for those who have dry skin and those prone to skin asthma, psoriasis and eczema. BUT the entire range is free from soap, fragrance and other common irritants, making them ideal for even sensitive skin types.

The price ranges from 50Dhs t0 90dhs. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I can say that after a week Ellie’s skin becomes smoother and no more rashes too. There’s a wide range of products good for babies and toddlers and adults too.  We are planning to continue using these products for a very long time. Ellie got a sensitive skin and we just have to make sure to take care of it while she is still young.

Check out the range of lotions and soaps and let me know your thoughts too! :)




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