Toddler Toothbrush(ing) Routine

Ellie’s teeth is almost complete.Sooner or later her teething woes will come to an end.  When is the right time for her to brush her teeth? Is it now? or should  wait until she turns two or three or I really don’t know. We want to take good care of her teeth.

I checked out some links most of it says that we can start NOW. Just to make her aware of the routine. It makes me wonder how can she do it? She doesn’t know how to spit things out. I am afraid that she might swallow the toothpaste and can affect her tummy or mouth.

The good thing about our daughter is that she is really curious when it comes to brushing our teeth. She enjoys watching her aunt or her dad. So  I guess it will not be hard for us to introduce her to proper brushing as well. For starters we bought her these stuff

  1. Jordan 0-2 toothbrush  Step 0-2 years has a small head with soft bristles. Toddlers can have irritated gums, and therefore the handle of the toothbrush can also be used as a teething ring. We got her the purple and pink one :)


2) Aquafresh Milk Teeth – I really took my time when I chose this brand. I read all of the details carefully before buying the product. Since this is made for toddlers – it is less abrasive and has low flouride making it baby friendly.


Let me know your thoughts about toddlers brushing their teeth? If you already did what brands do you use? Any tips and tricks that can help me push Ellie into brushing properly?



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