Can I really do it?

Can I really do it?

My mom needed to renew her visa so I took off from work for 2 days turned 3. I was left at home to take care of Ellie and do household chores like the usual stay-at-home mothers.  First day, I was giddy excited. I woke up early prepared meals, did the laundry, cleaned the living area and then Ellie woke up and all of the plans I have in mind never happened. We ate bread and fruits for breakfast – half of it ended on our floor. I asked Ellie to just stay put because I can’t allow her to walk on the dirty floor. I started cleaning and she started whining. Toddlers know how to get what they want.We read and played and watched some Disney movies. We had so much fun during bath time. She dozed off after that.During her nap time I was able to take a bath, cooked an easy meal for me and prepared for dinner and again, clean our room floor and her toys and books. The nap time is a breather.

Day 2 is a different story. She woke up earlier than usual and wanted to play with her toys. She doesn’t want to change her nappy and just want to ran around naked. I was still able to manage that day. Not as easy as I thought it would be but I was fine. She didn’t sleep. Although we still had fun during bath time. I didn’t have a proper meal during lunch but it is okay. We spent the whole afternoon laughing and we even tried to sleep but sleep didn’t come that time.

Day 3 is much easier.My mom has returned from her trip and got her visa but she needs to rest. But it was fine :) I know she is just inside her room sleeping. I prepared Aglio Olio for lunch. I did the laundry and some cleaning too. Ellie and I played and laughed and it was a great day. I told Ellie that I will go back to work by Sunday and she listened to me like she wanted to say something but can’t.

Going back to my question, can I do it? Can I just be a stay-at-home mom? At this point I can say not really. And it made me realize how amazing stay-at-home moms really are. My mother is one of them. She literally raised us -3 kids alone without any help (my dad works abroad). And looking back our house is squeaky clean, we ate good food, our clothes are properly pressed and everything is okay. I really admire my mom and everything she did for us, and what she’s still doing for us up to now. I am blessed and thankful to have her in our lives.




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