Date Night and Les Miserables.

November 29 – Tuesday evening my husband scheduled date night. We usually spend our dates over coffee, walk around the park and drive around the city OR do errands. Last night was a bit special. He asked me if I want to watch Les Miserables at the Dubai Opera. I was surprised because I know that it will be costly and we need to dress up and all other stuff. I declined the offer and explained to him that we have to think about it. BUT he already got tickets :)

And so we went – with two of his colleagues – Tina and Bernard. I rushed to Dubai Mall after work – he waited for me there and we drove to the Dubai Opera parking.

I am amazed with the design of the opera house itself. It is the  city’s first purpose built multi-format performing arts theatre and the definitive destination for quality entertainment productions and performances. Dubai is known to be a city of superlatives so we should know what to expect.

The performance of the whole cast is superb and I am really in awe of their talents – cast and the orchestra.  My husband can really relate to the musical. He got a degree in Music and he knows stuff about it. Different nationalities filled the house and it is a good thing that everyone is really hooked into watching the whole performance. Mobile phones are not allowed and cannot be used. Thank God we all strictly followed the instructions.  The show started at 8pm and ended around 11.

It is my first time and hopefully not the last.I cannot put into words, my feelings and my amazement and amusement about it.The experience itself is great. I really enjoyed the show. Date night like this one is for the books – we tried our best to dress up and really prepared for it.

Date night is an essential part of married life. Couples should always find time and ways to  bond with their partners and keep the love alive.




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