What’s up 2017?


We are going green this 2017. Pantone released the color of the year and it is inspired by nature, hope and fresh beginnings.

Photo courtesy of pantone.com

Since the color of 2017 is environment inspired – it bridges the gap of the seasons creating a number of color combinations – you can check out 10 palettes that can go along with Greenery.


Top row: Island Paradise, Flame, Lapis Blue, Primrose Yellow, Island Paradise. Bottom Row: Hazelnut, Kale, Pink Yarrow, Greenery, Pale Dogwood.

2017  will be about prints – florals andstripes. Neons will be back as well as Khakis, Ruffles, Laces and Ribbons too. When I look into New York Fashion Week article the trends coming up this 2017 are bold, brilliant and graphic.

elle-trends-spring-summer-2017-khakiflorals-jpg010913-cwl-bold-ruffles-400_1elle-trends-spring-summer-2017-white-shirt-dressesbold-stripes-catwalk-runwayI am still learning on how to do a proper make-up. I want to learn how to sport a no make-up make-up look. During the NYFW Fashion Week Fall/Winter they gave a new dimension to the usual eyeliner. Sharp angles and brush stroke -style are in this 2017.  I am not sure about adding glitters and sequins to your usual look what I am sure about is that I cannot do it for myself :)

Neons are in not just in clothes but in cosmetics too. Get a fresh strong BUT feminine look by adding tint of bright colors on eyes and lips. Contrary to what I wrote ealier about bright colors – dark lippies are also a hit for killer pouts.

Lashes to be exaggeratedly longer to achieve a doll-like look his season, bleached eyebrows to achieve a barely-there look were seen during the NYFW. Smoky eyes are back in business this 2017.  Glossy lips  – I am talking about ultra wet-look lips, paired with shimmering eye-shadow to catch the light. While I am writing about this part I realized that  I cannot do the lashes part AND the ultra-wet lips :) Again, I cannot.

When I read articles about fashion and trends coming in,I admire people in this particular industry on how they manage to come up with different looks or revamp an old style and turn it into something that will fit in the present time. Although it looks fun and easy I know that they thoroughly think about this stuff.

I am not a fashionista. I don’t consider myself as someone who needs to update her wardrobe everytime there’s a new trend in town. I don’t really feel comfortable being “in” and I am not always comfortable with what’s up. It is nice to know this things and it is nice to see other people wearing or sporting this look. That’s why I love it when my friends from different parts of the world talked about make-ups and outfits and how they did their make-up and what are their current beauty regimen.

I love reading – I still check this things – what’s in and what’s not for the purpose of knowing. :)

So, what’s up 2017? All things bright and bold.




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