Pieces of advice to those younger than me :)

2016 – I survived the challenges of being a working mom and a wife and other responsibilities in between that. I don’t know what 2017 will be for me and for my family but I am on high hopes and prayers that it will be filled with laughter and blessings.  Ever since I got married and Ellie was born, a lot of things happened and changed. Most of them I am still getting used to and some I need to have major adjustments.

I am 31.As I look back, I already achieved majority of the items listed on my bucket list. I just realized that since I did some of it already, there are items on list that I can no longer do.So while you are still young and single, maybe you can pick something from the list of advices below. These things are based on my experiences and my regrets and my life goals.

1)Don’t wait for tomorrow to work on your plans. Do it while you still have the energy to do so. Procrastination sometimes help – but take note on the word “sometimes”.

2)Travel. I am working overseas but still I wasn’t able to do this a lot. I don’t know but I think this was not really my priority during my younger years. My mistake.

3)Collect experiences. Experiences are priceless (some might cost a lot.. but still…) Once you did something like sky diving or swimming with whales or mountain trekking it will be always be part of yourself and nobody can take that from you.

4)Read a lot of books. It can help you improve your thoughts,it can bring new ideas and it can improve your vocabulary and grammar. It will help you a lot.

5)Focus on developing your talents. Your talents can be your career. It can be your stepping stone to earning money or simply getting what you want.

6)Find a job that you will enjoy-while you are still young, you can still explore. Salary might be not as much but if you love what you’re doing sooner or later you will get the pay that you deserve.

7) Explore different hobbies. Try baking – cooking – painting or photography :) It will give you things to do during your free time. Find activities worth doing rather than binge watching tv series. Trust me when you get older and your knees and hands are no longer as powerful as they were you’ll have a lot of time to watch TV series or just sit around or lie somewhere.

8)Write your thoughts. 

9)Save money. Remember the fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper? Saving for the rainy days matters.You will never know when the rain will begin to pour, so better be ready rather than caught unaware. Money matters and that’s the truth.

10)Find the balance between personal and social life and technology. Spend time with your family, your siblings, colleagues and friends. Social life is not social media. Spend at least a day without mobile phones or Facebook and snapchat or at least don’t look or avoid checking your tablets and mobile phones when you’re with them. It really makes a difference.

I am not even close to perfection. I still don’t have “it” together. I am still working on improving different facets of my life that sometimes I don’t have a single clue of where should I begin. Sometimes I am still wondering if I am still young for this? OR I am too late to do it? It confuses me a lot but I am grateful that I still have goals to focus on and like what everybody says…better late than never.



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