[Product Review]Ortopé shoes

Last time I wrote a review about Attipas  – take note that Ellie is still using this at home from time to time. Ellie grows and develops so fast that she already outgrown some of the shoes and clothes that we bought for her. We bought a pair of shoes for her which is very cost effective BUT the thing is the material used is not baby feet friendly. We want her to be comfortable as much as possible.

We bought her a T-strap Ortopé shoes with bow accents for a dainty “girly” effect. Her dad loved the light neutral shade – this color allows versatile pairing when it comes to her dresses and rompers.

Ortopé is made in Brazil and has been acquired by the company Paquetá group in 2007 and got a new slogan “A happier Life is  a Life with Ortopé” reflects the values of Ortopé in the joy of being a child, encouraging everyone to enjoy the simplest and happiest moments of their lives. The shoes that we bought Ellie features an anatomical insole.It was the first brand to launch a legitimate anatomical insole, which facilitates balance, helps in correcting posture and favors the formation of small plantar arch.

Ortopé shoes comes 4 different insoles – Orthoflex , Anatomica, Zero Gravity and Agion.
Orthoflex is a gel insole for comfort and flexibility and impact absorption. Agion is a fabric that fights odor causing bacterias and prevents development of fungi. Zero gravity is a high density foam but fits the tiny feet of our toddlers.
There are lots of cute styles and colors to choose from. As mothers, we always know what’s good for our kids and I suggest to invest a good quality shoes or sandals for them because it literally affects their posture and future. :)
Have you tried Ortopé shoes? What are your recommendations?

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