Why do I (still) write?

When I was younger (elementary to high school) I kept a number of notebooks that served as my journal. I wrote what happened to me during the day. Tiny details of what made me happy and excited, sad and angry during the day. Basically, it was a narrative of what happened to me and what were my thoughts about it. Some of them were stupid but some of them taught me lessons. That’s the reason why I never forget details and events that happened to me even after so many years.

I love how my handwriting changed through time and how my thoughts evolved from a girl writing about her crush to a woman writing about her aspirations and frustrations about her life everyday. Through writing I was able to see the difference of my perception about life. I was able to face reality about love and importance of family. Writing helped me discover my weaknesses and strengths that I have.

I write because it is my way of self expression. This is where I can freely express my thoughts and emotions. I can write about love and hate without even directly addressing anyone. It is the outlet of my expressions. I write when I cannot think. I write when my head is filled with ideas. I write because I am bored. I write because I am hyper and full of energy. I write my tears and frustrations most of the time. Writing is therapeutic for me. I consider this better than eating my feelings.

I don’t write because I want to impress someone. I don’t write because someone asked me. I don’t write because I have lots of time. I write because every time I write I discover a lot of things about me.

and when I lost myself – writing helped me find ME again.


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  1. shaunkellett says:

    This was perfect, a true explanation! I completely agree, writing has always helped me find and manage myself as well. I write some blog posts with the aim of, hopefully, appealing to someone out there, but the majority of the time I write purely for myself, to manage myself and ground myself. I’m glad writing has been with you, through all the years, through the good and the bad. Keep it going :)


  2. diorellajoy says:

    I can feel you! I am so glad to witness how those thoughts and words that you speak has evolved through the years, and one thing remains, it always comes from the heart <3 keep writing and inspiring! love love :*


  3. Likewise, i can relate. Writing is an expression of our self. Keep it up. :)


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