Raising Ellie.

Hello there! It’s been awhile… our CEO is here in the office and we have numbers of tasks to do and targets to reach. Busy days. 

To give you an update, Ellie turned 18 months which means we are officially one year and a half old parents too. I know that this stage is very critical. She is almost in her “terrible two”level and she easily picks up sounds and gestures and can properly express her emotions.

imagesI know that she’ll be speaking soon and I think we have a talkative little girl on the way. Since she is learning a lot of things and antics we are very cautious
when it comes to our words and expressions. She doesn’t have any sense of right and wrong as of this time and got no clue when it comes to sense of ethics but we are giving her tons of support and lots of coaching.

My husband and I know that the simplest way to teach Ellie respect and courtesy is to be good examples. Explain, model, and show good manners. We make sure Ellie sees what we are doing. “Opo” and “Po” as respectful way of responding and why “please” and “thank you” are important. We know that she’ll eventually get used to this and it will be part of her nature to be kind and respectful.We want to start her early when it comes to giving respect to everyone (not just elders) and showing love and care to the people around her.


As parents, we want our daughter to be kind but tough. We want Ellie to fight when she is right and defend herself whenever necessary BUT we will not encourage her to bully other kids or start a fight or pick on someone etc.

Time flies so fast… it seems like it was just yesterday I am finalizing my thesis and now here I am raising a toddler.

What are you teaching your toddlers lately?



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  1. diorellajoy says:

    Aww hugs super mommy Abi :* cheers to us! Clyde is turning 2 in 3 months :-) time flies!


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