Great deals on pre-loved items.

We have four huge boxes of stuff in our house plus two old luggages filled with old clothes. I am checking where we can donate them when I came across the advertisement of  Dubai Flea Market.  I told Tags about it and he told me to register so that we can try our luck.

There are times that we keep on keeping our old stuff, shoes, clothes, household stuff etc. thinking that we can still use them in the future.Then one day we’ll just realize that THE future that we are waiting for never came and we have tons of items that are almost forgotten and we don’t have space anymore. I am so guilty of this. But hey, it’s not easy to let go of the memories and sentimental value.

But I’ve learned my lesson and learned it very well.

Instead of hoarding and keeping things every time, we can ask two questions:

  • Do I still need this?
  • Is this still useable?

If you answered YES in these two questions then you can keep it. If you answered YES to the first question and NO to the second question then, come on… dispose it. If you answered NO to the first question and YES to the second question then you can either donate it or sell it to second-hand stores or make use of flea markets or have a garage sale.

As a mother, we have to be thrifty and practical. That flea market experience gave me a whole new perspective in purchasing things. I’ve read articles that there are some items that we can buy second hand instead of brand new. Although there will always be pre-cautions when we opt for pre-loved items but it’s a matter of judgement.

Designer Bags and stuff : I am not a fan, but if you’re going to check these items are well taken care of. So instead of splurging moolah you can get it less than half of what they cost on the original rack

Baby Clothes and other baby things: We sold Ellie’s bouncer and pyjamas and rompers and her tiny cute shoes.Every new parent wants to dress their kids in the very best, but kids – particularly infants – grow out of their clothes at a the speed of light. Believe me some of her clothes she wore for 3x only.

Books: what do you do when you’re finished reading?Unless you’re planning to display a book on your coffee table or buying it as part of a collection that you intend to keep for years, you don’t need to pay more.

Furnitures and household items: Used doesn’t mean ugly or worn out. I’ve been amazed by how low people go on their price tags for beautiful items.

Old clothes and personal stuff: With linens and swimwear or underwear material, you don’t want to be the second owner. BUT there are some items that you can consider like jeans and or winter jackets. Buying pre-loved clothes is a matter of good judgement.

 There’s no shame in trying thrift shops or garage sale  for a good secondhand deal.Retail stores often charge us hundreds or even thousands to be the first to own an item.But with items that you use once and leave on a shelf, why pay a full price?Over the course of a year, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands, creating a budget surplus you can either use for your emergency fund or to reward yourself and your family by indulging in a worthwhile, valuable new purchase.

What pre-loved items have you bought and considered a great deal?



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