Exiting UAE for visa change.

It’s the time of the year again. My mom needs to go out of the UAE so that we can process her tourist visa extension in the UAE. To be able to give her a proper residence visa there are lots of requirements needed, for example – AED20,000 salary (at this time… it is still a requirement). But to make the story short, we are just extending her UAE tourist visa here so that she can technically legally stay here with us. There are different options of how we can extend her stay but we opt to go for the Airport to Airport exit with 24 hours waiting time for processing.

This option is a bit pricey compared to the Oman exit and is cost-effective than return to country of origin option plus we are also saving our leave credits from work. We have to sacrifice 2 or 3 work days while waiting for her visa to be processed.  We already did this process for the 5th time now. When she tried the Oman exit we waited for about a week. Travel time going to Oman by bus/coaster is almost 6 hours. This option took a toll on her and we’ve decided that it is not the best option for her.  If she will go back to Manila and wait for her visa it will take her a good three weeks because she needs to have the original visa before she can pass the Philippine Immigration plus a return ticket to Manila again. An expensive option that will take most of our  annual leave from work.

As Filipinos working abroad we don’t have the perks of “visa on arrival” in the UAE. To be sure that we are on track we are always in touch with our travel agent so that she can arrange the exit before the expiration of the visa.We were thankful that one of her friends are also staying here taking care of his grandson. My mom got an instant companion.


  • Be very cautious when it comes to schedule. If you have plans in renewing the visa ASAP (or even if you don’t) you must exit before it expires. Give it 3 to 4 days. This will avoid issues in immigration and overstaying fines.
  • Follow all of the instructions of your travel agent. They know better.
  • Keep copies of all the important documents.
  • For A to A visa processing – they have 24hours waiting time and sometimes more. So make sure that they have a comforter or a little pillow that they can use. Sitting for long hours can be exhausting too.
  • Bring snacks, books and load up your tablets or phones with games to pass time.
  • Powerbank can be a great help too. Since there are lots of people waiting there.. sockets are not always available for all.
  • Patience is a talent. :)


Visa rules are subject to sudden change without warning. The UAE Embassy in your country or the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD), the relevant authority in the UAE, is the only source of information that can be relied upon. The validity period for a free visit visa on arrival change often.There are lots of  good changes happening right now when it comes to issuance of visa here.We are hoping that requirements for sponsoring residence visa for parents will change into something that can cater and accommodate individuals earning less than AED 20K/monthly.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. diorellajoy says:

    the real struggles of expat families in UAE particularly for us Filipinos. thank you for sharing this helpful post, Mrs Tags <3


    1. MrsTags says:

      I am praying that they’ll have more family friendly requirements when it comes to giving visas to family members ❤


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