Stay-at-home Dad? Pwede.

TEAM CHARMING woke up like this!

Brace yourself for some cheesy  post. 

NOPE. He didn’t resign from work.He took a day off. Daddy duties. 

Today I want to say thanks to my dear husband for  a lot of things.

Thank you for filing a leave for today. I know that it is a very busy week for you at work but you chose us. I know how difficult it is to file for personal leave in your office nowadays.

Thank you for waking up on time without waking me up or me to wake you up.

Thank you for bringing mom and Tita Marie to the airport for their exit. I know 4am is way too early for you and driving back and forth safely is not an easy task.


Ellie loves it when you prepare breakfast for her and when you spend a lot of time with her looking outside the window and/or playing hide and seek plus your  singing and dancing sessions.

Thank you for cooking and cleaning the house and giving Ellie a bath and basically doing everything today. I am so proud and thankful of how I can rely on you for everything.

Thank you for sending me your charming pictures with our Ellie and how you combed her hair and instead of pig tails you copied Kenshin Himura’s hairstyle. I am amused. Like what I said “ang tunay na maganda pogi paminsan minsan”.


Thank you for always putting me and Ellie first. I know that all of your efforts at work is for our family, future plans and family goals.

Thank you for being supportive and being consistently sweet and loving to us.

Thank you for making us laugh every single day.

I just realized how blessed we are to have you as my husband and Ellie’s dad. Thank you for  being a responsible partner in life.

I know that it is not easy to manage a household. This is just one day and you showed me how much I can rely on you from little to big things. Life is easier with you. Let me rephrase make life easier for us.

Thank you.







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