Ellie’s first CINEMA experience

We’ve decided to finally bring Ellie to our movie date. This is her first time and I am so excited about two things 1) Ellie’s first movie 2) Beauty and the Beast Tags was teasing me the whole time that he is 100% sure that I’ll enjoy it more than Ellie. Well, partly true, but he enjoyed too.

The lyrics are still on my head, same with iconic yellow ball gown that Belle wore.

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends


But let’s not focus on the movie today (BTW I really love the treatment of this Disney Classic). Ellie loves the vivid colours and the singing and dancing parts. She was watching the movie and was even laughing and smiling. I am happy that we were able to unlock this milestone for her.

I want to share some tips If you want to bring your toddler to the movies :


  1. Make sure to inform them beforehand, show them pictures or books and at least try to engage them of what they’ll be seeing for an hour or two.
  2. Choose a child-friendly movie.
  3. Create excitement. Tags keeps on asking Ellie if she is excited and if she wants to go to the cinema. Ellie is smiling and nodding the whole time.
  4. Make sure that they are cozy and comfortable -shirt,jeans,shoes etc. Ellie wore her long sleeve-top, tights and trusty rubber shoes.


  1. FOOD.We were loaded. Popcorn(cheese and caramel) her choice. Nachos with Dip. Large JUICE (freshly squeezed). Biscuits.Her toddler biscuits.  These kept her busy and focused.
  2. We were pointing at the important details on the big screen so that she’ll pay attention and will remember details. It’s easy because the movie was colourful and happy.
  3. Whenever she is distracted – we told her that there are other people watching and she should be discreet when she sees something interesting.


  1. For continuity, we asked her if she liked the movie. If she remembers certain parts and if she likes the dress and other important details.
  2. We asked her if she wants to watch a movie again in the cinema.

Ellie is turning 20 months tomorrow and we are happy that at this stage we were able to engage her without any problem with this kind of activity. Ellie is not yet speaking properly but she understands everything and has her own ways of expressing herself. Some might say that she is too young etc. but come on, we will not do anything that will harm her. Toddlers are very much advanced nowadays no matter how hard we try to deny it.

What activities are you introducing to your toddlers?

I might try baking with Ellie next time.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Great set of tips for taking a toddler to the cinema. So glad she enjoyed it. Beauty and the Beast was great, wasn’t it!


  2. diorellajoy says:

    wow! thanks for sharing tips mommy Abi :-) So far, Clyde loved watching the movie ‘Trolls’ at home. I am hoping to bring the little one with us on our next movie date. Excited for it!


    1. MrsTags says:

      please try :) I am sure Clyde will enjoy. Mixed emotions.. imagine… now we are bringing them to the movies!


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