It is not always what you think it is!

Hello there!

I’ve been suffering from a crazy headache few days back. It’s so crazy that it caused me to vomit and got a blurry vision. Migraine? I think so too. So I self medicated. Bad decision.

During the course of my dizziness and vomiting I requested my mom to take care of me (like a baby). She massage my head and requested me to sleep instead of staying up and fighting the ache. The headache is unexplainable. I took some medicines to lessen the pain but it remains the same.  Migraine! This is migraine I told myself and everyone.

I dozed off and went to work the following day. Again it’s back! I told them that I am not feeling okay because of my migraine. My husband brought me to the doctor and that’s when the GP informed me that I have high blood  – borderline hypertension. 150/100!

So yeah it is not always what we think it is!I realized that self-medication is a NO. I’ve been treating it as migraine when all along it is another complicated health condition.So  I am currently in a no-rice no-salt no caffeine etc diet. Fruits and veggies are my friends. We are monitoring my blood pressure 2x a day this week and I am scheduled for a blood, cholesterol and sugar test this week – hello fasting!

Take care of your health!



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