32 is a happy number.

I just turned 32 and out of habit I started to Google facts and stuff about the number 32. And I learned that 32 is a HAPPY number. As much as I want to understand what a happy number is.. I cannot. I don’t know when this started, but every time I encounter calculations, computations or anything MATH-related my mind automatically wanders or shuts down. So there…my lovely readers,  just Google it too :)

So… hello there! I am Abigail,  I am 32,  I am wife, and I am cool-mom-not-a-regular-mom of an adorable little girl. I currently work as a Technical Specialist for DaVinci Resolve. Technical what?! I do trainings and workshops and troubleshoots and helps to resolve issues end-users are facing when it comes to DaVinci Resolve – which is one of the biggest names in the industry of post-production. I am an occasional blogger and I bake goodies – seasonally. I am still in the process of learning a lot of things and working on numerous improvements in different facets of my life :) Without any hesitations I can say that I am blessed with more than I deserve! So here (again) are some of my thoughts that I want to share with you my beloved readers.

Stop keeping score.This applies to life in general.  It’s not just about numbers. Life is not a competition. Studies show that we often overestimate our contribution. In social psychology, that’s called the Egocentric Bias.  Don’t you know that keeping scores leads to resentment? Nobody cares about the scorecard that you’re keeping inside your head! So stop feeding your ego.

Quality over Quantity. Having the best or perceived best of something rather than a lot of cheap or less valuable versions. It also applies to relationships, friendships and life – why live 90+ years… if the life lived lacks substance.

It will always get better. When I turned 30 I wrote  – There’s always one test that we are going to pass and after that everything will start to change. Keyword : LEVEL UP. We level-up and it just gets better and better. From our rebellious teenage years to our insecure twenties, to finding ourselves in (my case) our thirties …so if you’re feeling down,insecure and uncertain about so many things right now, trust me – life has work around with everything and it will be better.

Make your family a priority. My parents are largely responsible for getting me to where I’m at. They’ve been there for me when I felt alone. They supported and guided me even when we’re miles apart. As I grow older and older I realized how valuable having a great relationship with my family is and now that I have my own family I want to share the same values and love with my husband and daughter too. Always choose your family over anything or anyone else.

Hello positivity! :) when I turned 28 I wrote this as part of my blog entry “Always find a reason to be happy. Even if your heart is transforming from solid to liquid to gas – be happy.  It’s not always rainbows and butterflies…but looking at the brighter side helps. There are times that problems arise and we feel like giving up but like what I said previously – it will always get better.

Pray. Nothing beats the power of a heartfelt prayer. Pray not because we needed something but pray to give thanks to our Big Guy up there. This is one of the many things that we are teaching our daughter – praying before and after meals – before going to bed and even when she wakes up. It is a great way to appreciate what we have and to claim what God wants us to have by his grace and provision.

Love. Love your spouse. Love your kids. Love your family. Love the job that you have. Love mother nature. Carry a heart that never hates. Love.


I am not an expert when it comes to love and life and even motherhood. I am just writing these things as part of my reflections about the life and relationships that I have now.

I am 32 years grateful and 32 is a happy number indeed. :)  I hope that these inspires you one way or another :)



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