Forever Young.

June 25 2017 marks the 33rd wedding anniversary of my parents. I want to share with you how their relationship as husband and wife made me believe in the power of love and what deep understanding and patience can do.

Life is not always rainbows and butterflies everyone knows that, but how they manage their relationship made everything better. :)


They made LDR work. My parents (like your parents for sure) don’t have technology during their younger years but they were able to communicate in a lot of ways – letters – that were sent months before so that it will arrive right on time – voice tapes that my mom would ask me to record my message because my dad would love it etc.

They never forget occasions. My dad even if he is not with us all the time because he worked overseas will send my mother flowers and cards. And if he is with us, at home, he will cook for her and leave her notes and surprises all the time. My mom in her amazing ways surprises my dad too – and not just small surprises usually elaborate ones. I remember when she threw a big party for my dad when we’re still little take note: we don’t have any household help.

They take good care of each other. I don’t have to elaborate this.

They sacrifice for each other and our family. My mom by profession is a nurse – she quit her job and became a full time mother and housewife so that she can take good care of us. My father – works abroad – he sacrificed a lot of his time and strength to provide for his family – because he wants us to have the good life and we had a great life growing up.

T198236_10150890064465509_18680605_n_27hey love and hate each other. But the love is  always stronger. We heard and saw them fought like crazy people  – they complained and nagged at each other. They had their fair share of silent wars and hunger strikes but still love wins.

They understand each other -even though they show that they can’t. I know that amidst all the drama that is caused by ageing happens – deep inside their souls they know that both of them has a wire that connects them.

They remain attractive for each other. As senior citizens – I am proud to say that they really look young for their age. Part of taking care of each other is taking good care of themselves too. My mom always say – make sure that your husband will not be ashamed to be seen with you.

They believe in the power of praying for each other and the whole family. The family that prays together stays together. One of the lessons they taught us is that we have to pray for thanksgiving and to seek for God’s support and guidance every single time and it really makes a huge difference.


As the eldest child – I can say that my parents has already conquered a lot of challenges as a couple and as our parents. In sickness and in health – for richer and for poorer, they already defied the law of distance and time difference. They surpassed wars and relationship issues. There might be a time that I thought that it is almost the end but they prove to me that love will always win and family will always be a priority.

I am thankful to have them as my parents. Happy anniversary. We love you!

P.S. Young is our family’s surname :)




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