Milestones and changes at 23 months.


 “Being a parent wasn’t just about bearing a child. It was about bearing witness to its life.” – Jodie Picoult

Ellie is 23 months… a few more weeks and she is two. Watching our daughter accomplished challenges and reached milestones made us so proud to have a bright girl in our hood.

At this stage and age she is already trying to oppose us and we often wonder…what did we do wrong?Are we becoming bad parents? Of course not! Even my mom told us that these things happen. Toddlers love to test boundaries, throw a fit, create drama, but then, just as easily revert back to being sweet and nice. Tags would often remind me to stay calm, reassuring and be more supportive instead of throwing my own version of tantrums. Yes… I do that.


Aside from changes in her attitude and personality she is also changing a lot when it comes to her physical appearance. Even when she’s still a baby there are times when she looks so round and chubby and some days her face is smaller and she looks tiny. Right now, she is more on the chunky side. Our friends would comment that she is tall for her age. Which reminds me that we have to do another wardrobe and shoes/sandals shopping for her. She already outgrown her set of clothes and “shuz”.

This is the age of exploration and adventure which means Ellie is bound to get up to mischief.  We are very careful with what we say and we watch the messages we give her and try not to be negative. Of course there’ll be days when it seems that parenting them is the easiest thing we’ve ever done and others where we question our own abilities. Parenting is a marathon not a sprint, so are picking our battles and aim for an easy life.

But you know, having a 23-month old toddler is not just about tantrums and investing on patience, the other day, my husband sent me a picture of Ellie cooking and feeding her stuff toys. It blew my mind when I saw her pretending to cook on her toy stove and pans, transferring the imaginary contents to the bowls and plates and careful took it plus a spoon to feed the dolls. Toddlerhood is the age of discovery and imagination. We are happy to see how she plays with her toys and how she makes us laugh. She loves to make funny faces and different antics that will caught not just your attention but your heart too.

Ellie is a very active kid but when it comes to eating time, it’s the opposite. I’ve read that at her stage I should not count on what she eats everyday but every other day. It is normal for toddlers to vary their intake and go through stages of not wanting or needing to eat much. So to make up for it, we try to offer her healthy options.

We bid goodbye to our weekends of sleeping in. Ellie will wake us up. She’ll come calling us “mommy mommy… daddy daddy…” and will roll over for a cuddle. It is a lovely time of the day, when she is still warm from her long sleep. What follows after that? Play time and art time of course.Since her vocabulary is starting to develop at this point, reading books and playing with puzzles are two of  the constant activities that we encourage her to do.

How’s your toddler? What are the usual activities that you encourage them to do?




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