Ellie’s First Painting.

There are lots of things that Ellie adores right now. From her bears to kitchen sets, books to crayons and pens. Toddlerhood is all about learning opportunities and we are making the most out of this stage in her life.

The writings on our walls and bed covers  plus her curiosity and energy made us decide to introduce Ellie to painting. Exposing toddlers to art encourages exploration, self expression, imagination, and creativity. I’ve read that early literacy doesn’t just revolve around teaching children how to recite letters, read, and count – art can have a profound affect on their knowledge and development as well.

We bought a set on non-toxic + kid friendly paint set and canvass for Ellie :)

There are numerous ways that we can inspire our kids to creativity.

Provide kid-friendly materials: Toddlers thrive when they create, experiment, and discover things they enjoy. This is why giving them access to art materials is important. Kids nowadays are very lucky they have different options – all of them are perfectly designed just for them – non-toxic, some are even organic, washable and even twistable.

  • Crayons
  • Non-Toxic Paints
  • Pencils
  • Stencils
  • Clays
  • Papers
  • Coloring books
  • Magic Slate

Let them be messy: We know that it will be a messy but it’s okay. I cut an Ikea paper bag and use it as a table spread to protect our table from paint and spills. We also let her wear her favorite bib to lessen the chances of stains on her clothes :)As much as I want her to paint outside… it’s too hot here in the Middle East like super hot.

Don’t give direction: Let them explore, allow them to choose the colors and do the strokes that they want. If they want to use their hands don’t stop them. Let them mold the clays and do their own designs too.

little artist2

Don’t do the activity with them BUT be there to supervise: Toddlers usually mimic what we do. If we do something that they cannot copy it frustrates and distracts them. Always keep in mind that the art session is meant for them to explore.

Let it be: When Ellie finished painting the canvass – we let it dry and we displayed it on the living room. I can see glee from her face and she keeps pointing and looking at it. It is her artwork – her design -her masterpiece. Don’t try to change anything from it.


Ellie’s First. One proud Mommy here! ^^

The above picture is her finished product and is currently on display in our living room. It took her 3 days to finish this. You might think that the colors are a bit dark  – it is because she is combining different colors all at once. I cannot describe how happy she was when we displayed it and there are not enough words to write how I felt when she dip her brush and made her first stroke in the canvass. We documented it for her to see when she grows up.

This is one of the moments that makes motherhood worth it.

We are planning to build a toddler mural for her. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for toddler activities? :)









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