Mrs.Tags Picks: Animated Films That I Love :)

I am a huge fan of animated films. Now that we have Ellie in our lives, I have more reasons to indulge in this kind of movie genre. Animated films are meant to be enjoyed, the vivid colors and even the magic of making the characters move to be appreciated.

There are lots of good animated films nowadays and I can say that the art and effects are amazing. Ellie loves Moana and that film got their own team dedicated for the “ocean”. That’s why it looks realistic from every angle. I would want Ellie to watch these movies with me when we have the time OR when she finally let go of Moana and Poppy. Some films is not really meant for kids so sooner or later they might want to check/watch it too.

The following films are not in order of preference but rather in order of how I remember it.

  1. Beauty and the Beast


Although there’s a live-action remake of this animation – I would still go back to the cartoon version of this classic. I was 6 years old back then. Tale as old as time.

Moral of the story:

  • Look beyond what you can see
  • A warm tea is always a remedy


2. Kung Fu Panda


An animated martial art adventure packed with inspirational dialogues, and abundant interesting life lessons and quotable quotes. I love how this movie portrays Po and the rest of the Furious Five. The plot is very predictable but my attention was caught by THE big fat Panda and how he learned to love and appreciate himself to become the dragon warrior.

Moral Lesson: “To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.”

3.Monsters Inc.


Sully and Mike are two of the best scarers in a big corporation – Monsters Inc. It’s funny that just like in any other corporation – bad employees, like Randall does exist. Of course, there’s Boo and Celia Mae and Roz and the rest of the colorful funny “monsters”. It shows how wrong we can be when it comes to our perception of things that we don’t have any idea about. If these monsters knew from the beginning that laughter is the best source of electricity then maybe kids will be looking forward bedtime rather than any time of the day. :)

Moral Lesson: Teamwork is essential to make things work :)

4.) Finding Nemo


A clown fish named Marlin lives in the Great Barrier Reef loses his son, Nemo. After he ventures into the open sea, despite his father’s constant warnings about many of the ocean’s dangers. Trying to rescue his captured son, he met a Dory – who is suffering from short term memory loss. It is a road to self-discovery not only for Marlin but for Nemo too who was contained in a tank at a dentist office. When the two were reunited once again they were able to believe and trust each other strengthening the bond between the father and son PLUS Dory too.

Moral Lesson: Your parents will never give up on you. Ever.

5.)Grave of the Fireflies


This is heartbreaking film depicts the horrific consequences of the Second World War and its effects on civilians. It also provides a clear example of the tragedy hidden behind the euphemism “collateral damage.” This is a very sad movie. LIKE SO SAD. Thinking about the little girls breaks my heart. I don’t know why I love this film so much even it makes me cry all the time. Funny thing is, just by thinking of the whole story can bring tears to my eyes and I am not kidding.

Moral Lesson: Appreciate what you have today.

6.) The Corpse Bride


I love Tim Burton and how he wrote the whole story and how he showed the difference between life and death and of course the power of love too! This stop-motion-animated musical fantasy film is dark and a bit scary( but not scary enough for kiddos) because of the soundtrack and the colors used but one can really appreciate how the whole story goes.

Can a heart still be broken once it stopped beating?

Moral Lesson: Love and selflessness.

7.) The Incredibles


This movie is memorable for me. This was the very first movie that I watched with my sister. Our first movie date together without our parents. I felt so responsible that day.  :)

The Incredibles is a story of a suburban family, the catch is that the mom and the dad were both superheroes who were trying so hard to live a regular life after all of the superheroes were forced to retire and adopt a normal life. But old habits die hard, Bob (Father) gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He didn’t tell his wife, but she knew something is up so she embarks on the journey of uncovering what his beloved husband is hiding from her. The kids, Violet and Dash got along and helped their mom and dad to rescue them. Soon they discover that it will take a super family effort to save the world from total destruction.

Moral Lesson: Family is everything and having a weakness doesn’t mean you’re weak.

8.) Tangled


This is the story of Rapunzel. I’ve heard different plots about her story but so far this one hits the mark. The beautiful Rapunzel has been in the tower her entire life, and she is curious of the outside world. One day, the bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower and is taken captive by Rapunzel. Rapunzel made a deal with the Ryder to act as her guide to travel to the place where the floating lights come from that she has seen every year on her birthday. Rapunzel is about to have the most exciting and magnificent journey of her life.

The floating lights scene is amazing.

Moral Lesson: Life is full of perfect moments.



Who will not remember the “Ellie Badge”? What about Paradise Falls? And the lines “South America. It’s like America, but south.

The story of Carl and Ellie touched people’s hearts and gave us all the feels. Carl Fredricksen as a boy wanted to explore South America and find the forbidden Paradise Falls. About 64 years later he gets to begin his journey along with a Boy Scout named Russel with help from 500 balloons. I wanted to do that… tie balloons to myself and fly. And seeing someone do it made me realize the possibility of it. Just like how Carl fulfilled his promise to Ellie even if it took him years to do it.

Moral Lesson:Don’t ever give up on your dreams :)

10.) Despicable Me


A criminal mastermind and his adorable minions used three girls to beat his nemesis but their love and antics changed him for the better – from super villain to super dad. I admire how Gru loved his minions and how he remembered events and noticed changes – like the haircut for example. Stealing the moon is a big plan but Gru got distracted because Margaux, Edith and Agnes already stole his heart.

Moral Lesson: At some point in your leadership you will be forced to make a decision between what is right and what is a “part of your plan”.

Have you seen any of these movies? What is your favorite animated film? :)







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