Rice and fish.

“Rice and fish. Rice and fish.”

If you’re going to ask my toddler what is her favorite food she’ll give you a gleeful answer of “rice” and “fish”.

I love the way words come out her tiny lips and how widely she opens them to eat her favorite food. When Ellie was born what I had in mind is very far from what is happening on our dining table. I want my toddler to eat healthy stuff.  Think about food pyramid for healthy kids – veggies, fish, organic, gluten free etc.


I know that today’s generation is being raised differently, far beyond the ways, my doting mother raised us. But it is okay. We know what always best for our kids.  I breastfed Ellie for 10 months and not the complete 1 year or more as recommended but we made sure that she is healthy up to this day.

I admire other moms who got the time and who went out of their ways to prepare healthy meals for their kids. I applaud parents who got Instagram-worthy posts of toddler bento meal of bears made of brown bread and grapes turned into cute animals. I was able to do that but she didn’t even bother to eat it. She just stared on the cuteness in front of her. So now, we allowed her to eat whatever she wants to eat – with adult supervision. But don’t get me wrong – sodas, chips, MSG laden stuff and food that are not meant for her age are still prohibited. We want her to try whatever it is that we are eating (good healthy stuff) and we want to know what are her preferences when it comes to taste. Apparently, Ellie prefers a bit tasty rather than sweet and she loves yogurt and cranberry juice.

Toddler nutrition is important and as her parents – Ellie’s health is our topmost priority. We want her to grow strong inside and out and to be smart and to always have a positive outlook on life. It’s not just about the meals but on how we take good care of our kid’s total well-being that matters.

What’s on your toddler plate today? How do you manage what meals to prepare?Are your meticulous when it comes to what they eat? Let me know your thoughts.





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  1. Veronica Lee says:

    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

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    1. MrsTags says:

      Hi Veronica! Thank you for reading my post.


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