Weekend Swimming at Al Mamzar.

It’s always sunny in Dubai. In between hot summers and cold summers is the month of August and since my hubby got a regular 7-3pm shift and weekend off we are making the most out of it.

We are not fond of spending our weekend indoors. Since Ellie usually stays 5-6 days a week inside our flat we want her to go outside – walk, run or jump around and mingle with other kids her age.

Last weekend – we went to Al Mamzar park for the nth time, but this time we tried the swimming pool area instead of the beach. Ellie is not happy about sands on her feet. The entrance is AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for kids – not bad for a covered and spacious pool. Although the facilities are not as nice as other pools that we’ve tried, we have to consider that we get what we pay for so this one is still good.

Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach
Al Mamzar Beach 7 This is the free area located just outside the park :)

Al Mamzar Beach Park got two areas – the park area proper – where you need to pay an entrance fee of AED 5 per head or AED 30 for each vehicle. The other side of the park is the free one – although there are still small huts provided for those who want to swim and a space for a shower too.


Al Mamzar Park - Swimming Pool
Here’s an empty pool area. :) It gets crazily crowded sometimes.


Daddy and daughter bonding. The giggles and laughters are endless.

What I like about it:

  • Low price.
  • Clean pools.
  • Lifeguards are always around to check the safety of everyone.
  • The pools are covered and plants/trees surround the area.

What I don’t like about it (not really about the area but the people using the facilities)

  • The dress code for swimming is not followed by a lot of people.Some babies don’t have swim diapers.
  • There are not enough tables/benches
  • The cleanliness around the pool area is not maintained.
  • There’s no proper smoking area – so some men are smoking and throwing their cigarette butts in the plant boxes etc.

This cost-effective afternoon escape eased the heat of summer for 2 hours. We would want to stay more but the pool is getting crowded. Since this pool is open for all – you have to be aware that a lot of people will be there – bachelors, families and even teenagers. Ellie enjoyed the cold water of the pool that we have to bribe her just to get her into the shower area.

It was a lovely Saurday and we are planning to have more ‘keep-it-cool’ weekends.




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