Things we do on a weekend.

Hello there! Another weekend ended and all I can say is “it is not enough”.  

Have you ever wonder who mandated human beings to work 5 days a week? 

I do. I always do.

Anyway having a toddler at home is an assurance that boring days are over. Ellie is up with different antics, jokes, and drama 24/7 and ever since she learned a lot of things  I never had any boring weekends.

So what do we usually do during weekends? Having a toddler at home guarantees activity-filled days.

Movie Marathon (plus popcorn). It is budget friendly and a good bonding experience for all of us. We usually watch MOANA and BOSS BABY or TROLLS whenever Ellie is around.

Baking. I spent my Friday afternoons baking while Ellie is sleeping. I don’t bake for profit. Mostly it’s just for our consumption.Cakes. Crinkles. Brownies.Cupcakes and other easy to bake goodies. :) And now that she got her own kitchen set she usually stays with me…watching me mix the ingredients and bake them. She is the first taster too :)

A trip to the beach OR park.Ellie loves swimming but she is not really fond of the grains of sand sticking to her tiny feet so we prefer going to swimming pools or we just have to go directly to the beach carrying her avoiding any contact with sands. Last weekend, we went to the park for her to try her new bicycle. She had a lot of fun that she requested us to bring her again.

Ellie VS Sands
With the help of her shoes… she was able to run around the sandy area of the playground :)

Window Shopping and Magic Planet. Since the weather here in the Middle East is not as cool as other places – going to the mall is one of the go-to activity for many families. As much as possible we are trying to lower the costs of this kind of activity – so we usually use vouchers and avail special discounts as much as we can. :)

Painting. I have a little artist and I know that there’s an urge inside her to express the artistry that she got. Sometimes, as early as 8am she’ll wake us up because she wants to paint. I want her to develop her love for arts and crafts and as much as I can I try to help her with it.

Pretend Play. Toddlers are still developing their sense of wonder. It is a critical stage of learning how to reason and think. I wrote a blog about pretend play and how it can help our little ones develop. We bought her a kitchen set

Sleep. I don’t have to say anything more about this activity. :) Afternoon naps are so reviving! woohoo!

If you can check the list that I wrote as much as possible we want to have a good and cost-effective fun :) We don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to enjoy. Quality time with our family is what really matters. Let’s make a lot of memories with our kids… so that when they grow up they’ll have a lot of stories to share.

How do you spend your weekends?



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  1. Lacey says:

    ALL of these sounds like a great way to spend a weekend.


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