Why Do I Love Being A Mom?

Being a mom means more than having given birth to a child. Becoming a mother is the start of the journey that can bring joy, pride and immeasurable happiness but let’s not miss the worries and challenges too. The highs and lows are extreme and there’s no in between. It made me question my capacity and sanity but that’s motherhood and it doesn’t just stop. Time has become so important when I became a mother. You know how dragging some days are only to realize that my daughter is off to school in a month’s time? Being a mom means having the opportunity to contribute to the future and that’s a power.

We are leaving a legacy.

Motherhood is tiring but awesome.  I wrote tiring because I am thinking about my mom while typing this. Being a mom has no pauses no days off no vacation and even when your eyes are closed you’re still thinking about your child, your family and a lot of stuff. Being a mom is 24/7. Even if you’re far away from your child and family your heart is always with them – thinking and worrying all day long.

Amidst all the daily chaos and continuous flow of different emotions, why do I love being a mom?

I love it because I was able to experience giving birth – giving life. The thought of it is more than enough actually. Experiencing life growing and developing inside of you is more than a miracle.

Motherhood is magical and watching my daughter learn and figure out the world is an amazing thing that unfolds every day. Hearing her cry, laugh and babble the whole day fills me with joy.

Being a mom means you’re surrounded with cuteness and overloaded with adorableness. No matter how messy she is even if she doesn’t know how to clean up after herself – my daughter is my source of smiles. Tons of it. She knows where my soft spots are and she has a way of pinning a hole on them.

I’ve read a dozen of times that kids act up when their moms are around. Yes. It’s true. I am loving the thought of it actually. Being a mom means I am the safe haven of my child – that she feels love and comfort just by having me in the same room. That’s very empowering to know.

Being a mom is seeing how unique your kid is. Mothers simply know. It’s like a superpower – you know your kid by their scent, the way they walk, their food choices, schedule and even poop time, you know their strengths and weaknesses.

I only have one kid – she just turned four and she inspires me every day that’s why I am writing this. Being a mother gave me the opportunity to see a different perspective through my daughter’s eyes. It is refreshing and challenging to talk to a preschooler. The simplicity and the logic behind her explanations always leave me in awe. I have no clue that I am capable of something “unconditional”. My daughter gets into my nerves and she really hits the spot every single time – annoying as it sounds but my love for her is so big that I can say that I will give her my life if she needs it.

Being a mom is a trip back to memory lane. It made me appreciate my parents more and made me miss my childhood. Sometimes I hear my mom coming out of my mouth. Although my goal is to be a cool mom I guess I am moving farther away from that. Motherhood is a test. I know that I am strong headed and very resilient individual but being a mom made me question everything.  It helped me to learn more about myself – as a person. Who am I? Am I the person that I want my daughter to be? Am I a good example?

I love being a mom because there’s a certain bond when it comes to motherhood. I can say that I value my mom more than ever because now I am feeling what she’s is feeling or felt before. Mom friends share the same experiences and they might have different opinions when it comes to child rearing but learning and sharing with them makes me love motherhood more.

I enjoy being a mom because I have a husband who cares for me and my child and that makes everything a breeze. Raising a child needs a village but having a supportive husband is enough for me. The blessing of knowing that at the end of the day I am not alone in facing the challenges of parenting and child rearing.

I love being a mom because it made me appreciate life and what I can do about it.

I love being a mom because it gives me strength and a whole new perspective.

I love being a mom because it is POWER.

I love being a mom because of my child.


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  1. diorellajoy says:

    Hugs mommy Abi! You’re doing an excellent job as a Mom. Kisses to Ellie! Happy 4th birthday little Mermaid :-) :-)


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