Kindergarten Journey

It has been three months of challenging and crazy adventure for our family since Ellie started school.

She is CZARINA at school BTW.

It’s funny how parents give kids their nicknames at home but sooner or later that child will decide what she wants to be called after all. In our case – Czarina.

I guess kindergarten is really the time when PARENTING starts.  When they were still babies you don’t really parent a kid it’s more of taking care of them and nurturing and preparing them for the dos and don’ts of toddlerhood. When they are toddlers you just have to keep them alive and healthy for the most part – you teach those things that they need in order to survive and the basic course of life like counting 1-10 and the alphabet plus colours. Then they’ll become preschoolers. This is when the fun part begins. It’s not just Mommy and Daddy anymore. This is when “friends” happen and outside influences begin.

“Mommy I want that juice because my classmate have that too” “I like the cookie that my friend gave me at school” “I want the pink bag that I can hold not the butterfly backpack” “ I don’t want to wear that” “I like the pink bag” “Can we play some more?” “Can you tell me what’s spooky is?”

We communicate. We adjust and every day we compromise.

We set our alarm clocks and try to work around our schedule.

Filipiñiana attire for Linggo ng Wika Celebration
First Exposure Trip :)
Little Miss Vietnam

Right now, we manage our time – our entire household, family schedules and we even have to adjust our work leaves to her school activities. We listen to her opinions, likes and dislikes and you’ll be amazed by how she starts comparing things and telling stories about her day.

Who would have thought that preparing for her daily school snacks will be challenging? Then the projects, assignments and educational trips, add to that the costumes that we have to think about and prepare for.

It’s fun to have a kindergartener – I am learning a lot from her too.

Right now, she tends to be feisty for a four-year-old and I kid you not she knows what nerves to hit. There are times that I look at her and I see that she really is testing me. It’s not easy but it is fun. Seeing how strong-willed and defiant she is then sweet and loving the next.

Having a kindergartener means reviewing all of the lessons that you already knew but then you’ll be confused again and you’ll confuse each other. I need to have a thorough fact check again. The other day we’re discussing different taste and the example for sweet is an Apple and my daughter simply rejected the idea by saying “NOT ALL THE TIME”. She got the point there, right?

I find it amusing when she teaches us different things and how forgiving they can be. I often hear stories that some of her classmates hurt her and at the time she hurt them back (intentionally and unintentionally) or other kids hurting each other but when you see them at school they still play with each other without any grudges. I guess the parents were more affected rather than the kids.

When we received Ellie’s Mid Quarter Review – we were happy that she is performing well in class and we are happy to learn that she is good in class. The stars and stamps and brag bracelets say it all. As a mother, I always worry about how she is in school. I am obsessed with thinking about her activities – about her classmates if she finishes her snacks and all. I wonder what her adviser says about her and even the other kids. Does she have friends? Who are these kids?

I guess having a kindergartener means I need to slowly let go of her and trust her that she is doing great in school after all she’s only four and so far based on her assessments I have nothing big to worry about. This is just the beginning of our school-day journey and we are praying that she will be guided and protected especially when we are not by her side. We are also praying that she will be smart and kind all the time. As a mom, as parents, we can only do so much for our children. So we just pray and hope for the best all the time.


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  1. Diorella Joy says:

    The future is bright for this little darling! Keep doing what you do best, Czarina. Love you girl :-)

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