Reviewing Kids for Exams

I cannot remember how my mom reviewed me for my exams when I was in Kindergarten- all I know is that I did well in class up until I graduated high school.  But from what I remember  – I am a diligent pupil that time and part of the honor roll and outstanding students.

University is another story.

So how do I prepare our little one for her exams. I know that these tips might not work for every one but these steps work well for us. It might sound odd that we’re doing this as early as now, but kids nowadays are different from our generation – from the lessons that they are being taught of up to the activities that they’re encouraged to participate in. And as parents, we are trying our best to find the balance.

Read and discuss together. She learns and we have a proper grasps of her lessons too – usually the topics are prerequisites to future lessons and exams and it would be good if we are ready as well. It’s funny but there are instances that her lessons confuse us too.

Use other source materials for the topics. There are free printable materials that we can get from different websites covering the same topics. There are exercises that we can use from old books too. Through these, the examples given are not repetitive. The goal is to learn and not to memorize.

Learn everywhere. At Kindergarten they were being taught about social skills – basic needs. Manners and right conduct. Family and its dynamics. Animals and how to take care of them and other stuff that are applicable to our daily lives – so we don’t have to sit and talk about these things based on books. Saying “thank you or salamat po” and being courteous should not be by the book but to be applied and practiced. When we see stray animals we ask her how to take care of pets – is it a farm, wild or a pet.

Practice Test. We draft a practice test for our daughter a day or two before her exams. We ask her probable questions that might be asked during the exam. I know that she is still in pre-school but we want to make it a habit. Start them young , as they say. I remember that when I was a kid I used to write my reviewers and I am applying the same method with her. I believe that writing retains the information in the brain.

Make it enjoyable and fun. Animate. Draw. Use arts and crafts. Use the available toys as an example. Instead of using fingers for counting we use her toy blocks or dolls. We try our best not to stress her  – we don’t want her to associate studying with negative emotions so as much as possible we want her to have fun learning. After all learning through play are one of the many practices being taught to parents nowadays.

Relax a little. We don’t review her lessons at one go. Little breaks in between will ease the pressure and will not make reviewing and studying a burden. We make sure that she is sleeping well because it refreshes her and it is good for her brain.

Kids will be kids and adding more dose of patience to the recommended daily allowance can go a long way specially now that our little ones’ brain are sponges of what we are teaching them.

Hello 3rd quarter!


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