[MrsTags reviews] Pockit Stroller

We don’t want to spoil Ellie when it comes to material things but we don’t want to sacrifice – quality, convenience and comfort that some material things offer. Recently we were in search for a compact, easy to expand and adjust stroller for her. The stroller that we got her makes her uncomfortable because the heat gets trapped on the pads making her sweaty and irritated most of the time. Don’t get me wrong we LOVE that Hauck stroller very much and it is with us even before she’s born.

My first choice is the Juniors Scooty Baby Buggy  I found in Babyshop. The price is very affordable at AED 149. This buggy systems has 5 point Harness system. It is also Compact and lightweight for storage  and features an umbrella style easy-to-fold system.  I love the price but I had a hard time adjusting and expanding it and it is still bulky – my husband wants a space-saving stroller this time.

We also looked at Maclaren, Chicco,  and Joie travel systems – these brands offers different options – some of the models are not as lightweight as I expected. The price ranges from AED 200 – AED 1600. Then my husband found the GB Pockit Stroller and that’s the end of the story.

The FOLDED GB Pockit Stroller

True to it’s description – lightweight folding champion! All we have to do is to just click on the buttons located on the handle and we can easily fold the whole thing and what amazes me is the size after it is folded.  In only two steps the buggy becomes a compact and feather-light handbag-shaped package –   30 x 18 x 35 cm to be precise.  Tags loved it and I know my husband when he wants something – he’ll test it and inspect all of the details and will even do online research about it. We found out that it has won awards and it won our approval too! If you’re interested you can check out Babyshop for this great find or you can visit online shops like mumzworld. I made several transactions with them before and everything went smoothly – from ordering to delivery.

PicMonkey Collage

When it comes to our kids safety we always do our own research (like what my husband did!) to check reviews and product ratings too. I checked one post from MomStrollerReviews.com : Mom’s Picks: Top 20 Best Strollers for 2017. It is a good read since the author of the post concentrates on practicality a little more than style. :)

What stroller are you using? What are the special feature that you like about it?



Motherhood – changes your perspective in general – your taste in food, music, color and even the TV programs that your binging on every weekend (that is..if you have time). Your Pinterest boards changed from Fashion to Kids and Parenting. Family becomes the vital part of motherhood. More often than not, mothers tend to prioritize family over themselves. So for today I want to share my list of #MomGoals that I wrote. To each her own. Goal setting can be a helpful, exciting, and a reinvigorating practice for mothers like us and women in general. :)


#MomGoals for Health and Beauty

Manatiling maganda sa kabila ng lahat.

  • Eat healthy – watch what you eat and be wary of what it will do to your body.
  • Exercise even when you’re at home. You don’t have to be inside a gym to work -out, there are tons of exercises that we can always follow online.
  • Take care of your skin, nails and hair. Treat yourself with creams, lotions and vitamins even essential oils that are good for our body. The good thing about essential oils is that it is usually cost-effective and the results are amazing.
  • Be your best fresh self.
  • Smile and be positive.

#MomGoals for Career and Self-Development

  • Read. There are lots of benefits when you develop the habit of reading. One of the advantages is, it increases our vocabulary and makes us a lot more articulate. PLUS: It melts away stress.
  • Write a blog – like this. Write for yourself – the audience will come sooner or later. From time to time we need to look for a way to express ourselves I know other moms who paint or compose songs or cook and bake as a way of self expression.
  • Try something new – whether a new restaurant, movie genre, recipe or even a fashion trend. Trying something new makes you know yourself more and it helps you widen the range of your choices too.
  • Learn something technical.This one… is in my bucket list – and I am proud to say that I learned and I am still putting it into practice. :) Not because you already have a family to tend to means you’re no longer allowed to learn things.

#MomGoals Family and Relationships

  • Break that techie habit. Hurray! I am (we) on it. Since we are doing our best to limit Ellie’s exposure and use of gadgets ,we also limit ourselves in using gadgets whenever we are at home or with family.
  • Say I LOVE YOU. Expressing love and care to our family members is a must. It exudes positive vibes at home and nourish relationships 100% of the time :)
  • Cook and/or bake for them.
  • Family time = quality time. Don’t go out for dinners or arcade time just for the sake of having one. Make sure that we are giving a quality bonding with them.
  • Find a good family activity that everyone will enjoy. :)

Reading my thoughts here are very easy – doing and incorporating these with our daily routine is a different story. Although we are setting goals that we want to accomplish – dedication and focus is needed 100% of the time. The challenge is how are we going to overcome the hurdles that might get in our way to do it.

What are your #MomGoals?





love x couple habits x marriage

For almost four years of togetherness, Tags and I are still adjusting and amazingly still learning a lot of new things about each other. Through time we were able to discover tiny details about each other – sometimes we didn’t even know about it ourselves not until one of us notices (Johari’s window ?) and say something about it.  Like any other relationships we went through a lot of challenges and difficulties in the beginning of our journey together and we are surviving *high five*…

Through time we were able to have our own couple dynamics that until now we were able to practice. I am happy to share the same thoughts and goals with my husband. Although we are still far from the plans that we have, I can say that there’s progress year after year.



We never lose communication. Calling each other during break time. Updating each other about our day, plans, meetings and whereabouts. We don’t have the opportunity to miss each other. For us having a good line of communication is the best way to work on our marriage. If we have problems and issues we say it. We know that keeping it will cause more damage so instead talk about it and come up with a solution. 

Don’t forget occasions.  

I am a self-confessed clingy, cheesy and sentimental person. Every occasion counts. Birthdays. Anniversary as bf/gf. Engagement. Anniversary as husband and wife and the list goes on. Like what I always say – we don’t have to splurge on lavish gifts and expensive dinner dates. Tags never missed a month – flowers and letters – as promised. Acknowledging life’s special moments is more than enough. You just have to show and tell your partner that you remembered. 

Family first.

Our family is our priority. We always see to it that we put our family first over anything else. Now that we have our kid – we want her to grow in an environment wherein family should always be on top. I often tell Tags that he can go out with his friends from time to time but he always choose to be with us. His reason is very simple – he is at work for long hours and his time with us is very limited so he’d rather stay with us than spend his free time with his friends. I am glad that he got this mind set and that I don’t have to remind him of his priorities because he already know. 

Managing Finances.

Money. Usually caused trouble in many families, either too much or lack of it. From the beginning of our relationship this was already cleared – what’s his is mine and what’s mine is mine… nope…just kidding. I told  him that I didn’t marry him for money… I can earn my own money… I just need his loyalty haha!  We already sort it out. All of our expenses – weekly, monthly and yearly are accounted for. I am his wife. I need to help him although he is the one providing for us. Major expenses are his responsibilities. Minor things I am handling. Usually the minor things are the wants. When it comes to managing the  finances I am responsible for it – savings included.

Take care of yourself.

Some might say that having a good heart is what matters. Yes..they are right!I believe in that too… BUT Physical attraction will always be a factor. No matter how hard they try to say that it does not matter – IT MATTERS. Taking care of yourself is a must… specially if you’re married. My mom told me, that now that I have my own family I have to improve myself more and see to it that the attraction is still there. This advice is not just for wives but for husbands too. Not because you’re already married you’re just going to let go of yourself. Our spouses even without saying a word will always be proud to be seen with someone presentable. So…

Care and Support

Don’t make the person you love feel alone specially when you’re there. Aside from taking care of yourself – you have to nurture your spouse and kids welfare too. I encourage Tags to join different extracurricular activities – chorale is one. I want him to still develop as an individual. Tags is very supportive of me too. When I told him that I want to try baking – he bought me – baking equipment, ingredients and things needed (and not needed) for baking – and whatever it is that I made for him… he eats it too. :) Every morning before going to work Tags prepares a sandwich for me and I really appreciate that gesture.There are tons of ways that we can give care and show support to our spouses. Little things matter.

To each his own. I just shared some details of the things we do for each other to nourish our relationship as husband and wife. Each couple have their own dynamics that works for them and  there’s no right or wrong way.

The main goal is to enrich our marriage and spread the love.


Why We Love Parenthood (And You Should, Too!)

Every child begins the world again.
Henry David Thoreau

It is almost two years when we received God’s greatest gift to us. 20 months today, Ellie, is our constant source of joy AND worry. Is it easy being a parent? NO. Is it a whirlwind of emotions that you’re always worried if you’re doing a great job? YES. Is it awesome, exciting and surprising in ways that even the most upsetting of days cannot be compared to the hugs and kisses? Definitely yes.

Parenthood is terror mixed with delight and wonder – a true representation of humanity.Tags shared that he is happy being a dad because he is witnessing how Ellie is growing and how she reaches her milestones and achievements and such moments are priceless.

When Ellie was born (still shiny and brand new), we were ecstatic that even when there’s no manual for her this is the best OJT ever!

Here are few reasons why we love the F A C T that we are (her)parents:

  1. Feeling those little hands curling around our fingers to hold us.Knowing that we are blessed to have her in our lives.
  2. Gazing in those bright little eyes and knowing that deep inside she loves us too.
  3. Seeing my husband show off Ellie to his relatives and friends.
  4. Watching Ellie’s chubby innocent face as she sleeps and I can’t help but wonder what the future will be for her.
  5. Buying cute baby clothes and accessories (swimwear included) even if she’s too little for those.
  6. The moment she started laughing and you laugh with her for no reason because her giggles are infectious like that.
  7. The unspoken bond we build with fellow dads and moms.
  8. We never thought that we got talents when it comes to singing and dancing and became instant healthy chefs for our little one.
  9. The joy of sharing your experiences during pregnancy and THAT unique birth story.
  10. Smelling the best scent in the world – your tiny fragile baby.
  11. When she starts to develop her personality as early as 13 months.
  12. HER first steps.
  13. Now we know the right things to say when friends are also expecting a baby.
  14. When you became a parent you will again start to appreciate simple pleasures e.g. a cute butterfly or the bright chubby star hanging on the ceiling.
  15. Waking up from her hugs and sloppy kisses (sometimes a slap or a kick too)
  16. Mastering the tricky art of MULTITASKING
  17. We became more aware of VALUES and MORALS and other things that we want to rub off on her.
  18. We now have a much deeper and better understanding about other families too. Example: Toddler crying and shouting at the mall.
  19. Who would have thought that we can carry 15kg toddler around the mall for hours because she likes to be carried after running around. I never thought my husband is that strong.
  20. Hearing her say Mama and Papa and we know that it’s us that she is calling.
  21. Watching her grow and reach her milestones and seeing little version of us  – in many different ways.
  22. When she start scribbling on her books, paper, walls, doors and other available surfaces – we didn’t get angry at her –  I posted it on Instagram instead.
  23. The pride inside us when she started to learn stuff and can answer us correctly. That’s our girl!
  24. The way she invades our bed – our cabinets – the whole room because of her stuff and the whole house – because she is everywhere!
  25. Ellie made us appreciate life even more… all babies do.
  26. Now,our hearts got special spaces for other kids too! There’s a certain hurt inside us when we see kids being abused and not treated the way they should be taken care of.
  27. Capturing moments with tons of photos because we know those moments will never happen again!
  28. The precious moments of teaching (more of influencing) her to love writing and books.
  29. When we see her taking good care of her stuff toys and giving them hugs and kisses and even sharing her bottled milk. Sharing is caring and she knows that already! OMG.
  30. Being a parent means  we are able to create and shape the future.

Parenting is difficult but overall it is amazing. Let’s not take our days as a parent for granted. Before we know it, we will be sending them off to college and then… I don’t want to get to the next part. The time we have with our kids is very limited. Let’s be the best parents we can be while they still need us because time flies so fast.Just yesterday,  I was looking at a picture of Ellie as an infant and now she’s 20 months! Even as I type those words I choke up. I don’t want to miss a moment. 

What makes you love the fact that you’re a parent?


Ellie’s first CINEMA experience

We’ve decided to finally bring Ellie to our movie date. This is her first time and I am so excited about two things 1) Ellie’s first movie 2) Beauty and the Beast Tags was teasing me the whole time that he is 100% sure that I’ll enjoy it more than Ellie. Well, partly true, but he enjoyed too.

The lyrics are still on my head, same with iconic yellow ball gown that Belle wore.

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends


But let’s not focus on the movie today (BTW I really love the treatment of this Disney Classic). Ellie loves the vivid colours and the singing and dancing parts. She was watching the movie and was even laughing and smiling. I am happy that we were able to unlock this milestone for her.

I want to share some tips If you want to bring your toddler to the movies :


  1. Make sure to inform them beforehand, show them pictures or books and at least try to engage them of what they’ll be seeing for an hour or two.
  2. Choose a child-friendly movie.
  3. Create excitement. Tags keeps on asking Ellie if she is excited and if she wants to go to the cinema. Ellie is smiling and nodding the whole time.
  4. Make sure that they are cozy and comfortable -shirt,jeans,shoes etc. Ellie wore her long sleeve-top, tights and trusty rubber shoes.


  1. FOOD.We were loaded. Popcorn(cheese and caramel) her choice. Nachos with Dip. Large JUICE (freshly squeezed). Biscuits.Her toddler biscuits.  These kept her busy and focused.
  2. We were pointing at the important details on the big screen so that she’ll pay attention and will remember details. It’s easy because the movie was colourful and happy.
  3. Whenever she is distracted – we told her that there are other people watching and she should be discreet when she sees something interesting.


  1. For continuity, we asked her if she liked the movie. If she remembers certain parts and if she likes the dress and other important details.
  2. We asked her if she wants to watch a movie again in the cinema.

Ellie is turning 20 months tomorrow and we are happy that at this stage we were able to engage her without any problem with this kind of activity. Ellie is not yet speaking properly but she understands everything and has her own ways of expressing herself. Some might say that she is too young etc. but come on, we will not do anything that will harm her. Toddlers are very much advanced nowadays no matter how hard we try to deny it.

What activities are you introducing to your toddlers?

I might try baking with Ellie next time.