It is not always what you think it is!

Hello there!

I’ve been suffering from a crazy headache few days back. It’s so crazy that it caused me to vomit and got a blurry vision. Migraine? I think so too. So I self medicated. Bad decision.

During the course of my dizziness and vomiting I requested my mom to take care of me (like a baby). She massage my head and requested me to sleep instead of staying up and fighting the ache. The headache is unexplainable. I took some medicines to lessen the pain but it remains the same.  Migraine! This is migraine I told myself and everyone.

I dozed off and went to work the following day. Again it’s back! I told them that I am not feeling okay because of my migraine. My husband brought me to the doctor and that’s when the GP informed me that I have high blood  – borderline hypertension. 150/100!

So yeah it is not always what we think it is!I realized that self-medication is a NO. I’ve been treating it as migraine when all along it is another complicated health condition.So  I am currently in a no-rice no-salt no caffeine etc diet. Fruits and veggies are my friends. We are monitoring my blood pressure 2x a day this week and I am scheduled for a blood, cholesterol and sugar test this week – hello fasting!

Take care of your health!


Rose Water for Skin Care.

Being the lazy me – I really don’t spend a lot of time for vanity. I have high regards for beauty – nice hair, skin… – basically I admire those people who really scores an A when it comes to outside appearance.

When I became a mother I realized that there’s a need to look after myself like how I look after my husband and our baby. It’s true how motherhood changes you – emotionally, spiritually and the most noticeable of them all – physically. Since I don’t splurge on beauty products (thank God for Tags who is my beauty products supplier) I try to practice a cost-effective beauty regimen (thank you Pinterest!)


I will be sharing with you one of my favourites beauty ingredient – R O S E W A T E R. You read it right… I used the word ingredient, because it is used for food and to flavour some drinks. Few cosmetic items and toners that I checked have rose water in it too.

Rose-Water-3-400x400Rosewater is very fragrant liquid. According to research, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that hydrates the skin. I’ve got a very problematic skin. I use to have breakouts here, there and everywhere. It is good for people like me who are acne prone because it helps calm the skin.

I just pour a small amount of chilled rose water on a cotton ball and swipe over my face right after cleansing with a mild soap. So instead of buying chemically infused toners I am just using this as an alternative.It will close the open pores and make the skin give off a pleasant floral fragrance. To refresh my eyes I also put rosewater-soaked cotton on my under eye. If you don’t want to directly apply the water to your skin, you can add a few drops to your cream before applying it.

Rose water also helps to revitalise ageing skin. Meaning it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Huda Heidi Kattan – one of the popular beauty influencers blogged about rosewater for gorgeous skin in her website.


Adding rosewater to your shampoo can promote hair growth – it can also soothe the scalp and helps to get rid of dandruff. In this hot weather scalp irritation is very common. Don’t worry about the scent because it smells really nice.

Just to sum it up Rose water can give us these amazing things:

  • Shiny hair
  • Lighten scars
  • Tighten pores
  • Soothe eyes
  • Purify our skin
  • Prevent breakouts

You can also try this DIY facial mask that I tried with the use of rosewater and some stuff that are also found inside our kitchen.


  • 1 pc cucumber – chilled.
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Drops of rose water
  1. Grate or blend cold cucumbers add honey.
  2. Add few drops of rosewater
  3. Before applying wash your face with warm water.
  4. Pat dry and apply the mask. Wait for it to dry and rinse.
  5. Do it once a week


The 3 main ingredients –turmeric, baking soda + rose water alone can work wonders. These help fight free radicals that speed up aging. I tried turmeric and honey before it is also effective!!!

  • 1tsp Turmeric
  • 1tsp pure baking soda
  • Pure Rose water: Just enough to make a paste with toothpaste consistency.
  1. Mix everything. Make sure that it is pasty.
  2. Apply it on your face and wait for it to dry. Your face mask will be yellow-orange then a bit pinkish after some time.
  3. Wash your face with warm water followed by cold water to close the pores.

I hope this skincare post helps you too. Let me know if you tried these two or even just one and share with me the results. Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it works for us in maintaining both our health and beauty.

Share the love, give me some cost-effective beauty tips too!


Ellie got a new bath rituals :)

There’s a sudden change of weather here in UAE and I noticed that Ellie’s skin is getting flaky (red flag here) and she is becoming scratchy and irritable every time she is feeling itchy. On one of my posts I shared with you the soaps and lotions she is using which is under the brand SebaMed. There’s nothing wrong with that, but her pedia said that since we have a case of skin asthma it would be better if we can opt for a much stronger but gentle on skin moisturizer for her. At first I told Tags that we can try using Mustela, my sister, Jessica used the same and it worked effectively for her.

Her pedia recommended QV.At first I hesitated to buy that because I am not familiar with that and I haven’t heard any of my friends using the brand (well…yes.. friends matter). She explained to us that this brand is really meant for those who have dry skin and those prone to skin asthma, psoriasis and eczema. BUT the entire range is free from soap, fragrance and other common irritants, making them ideal for even sensitive skin types.

The price ranges from 50Dhs t0 90dhs. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I can say that after a week Ellie’s skin becomes smoother and no more rashes too. There’s a wide range of products good for babies and toddlers and adults too.  We are planning to continue using these products for a very long time. Ellie got a sensitive skin and we just have to make sure to take care of it while she is still young.

Check out the range of lotions and soaps and let me know your thoughts too! :)



There will be blood.

Just when I thought that every thing is going fine – Ellie slipped and hit her lips on the edge of our bed. She cried and I almost cried too. That’s her first time and there’s blood.

I panicked and shouted at Tags. I know that he is looking at the same thing  – blood. We thought it was coming from her gums which we knew will cause bigger problems because she is teething :(

Toddlers are very prone to accident. It’s a fact. I just don’t expect this too happen because we did some baby proofing around the house.It is the unexpected that caught us.

After throwing a loud cry and lots of tears and blood. We put some ice on her lips after that she is fine. Like F-I-N-E. She even laugh like nothing happened to her, she started smiling and went down the bed again, run around and in less than a minute she slipped and stumbled again.

That’s why I’ve decided to tuck her to bed earlier than usual. It all happened in less than an hour!


The Journey to Toddlerhood Begins with a Single Step.

Ellie is officially walking. We are not posting anything about her walking escapades not until she is walking properly. She is like an energizer (baby) bunny nowadays. Non-stop walking. We are happy to know and see her growing up healthy and active.

We are extra happy when we witnessed her first (four) steps plus her dance moves. She walks fast it seems like she wants to learn running first before walking :)

As a mom  – I usually worry about her milestones and achievement unlocked moments. I keep on researching and reading about baby’s growth and development. I keep on asking my friends about their toddler stories and what they did etc.

There are still a lot of milestones to unlock for Ellie. Sometimes I wonder if reading too much helps or makes me worry more. My mom told me that every child has its own pace. So I should not worry about Ellie because she’s just on time.  As a mother – I always want the best for her (I’m sure other moms too.

Her journey started – soon enough she will try to be a grown up and become independent. Ooops I am not ready for that yet. I know I will be a clingy stage mommy.

Her journey to toddlerhood is another path for us to take. From the moment that she made her first step – I know I will be a clingy stage mommy.