Tips when you’re travelling with a toddler :)

And we’re back from our short and sweet vacation. It’s funny how I felt like we’re just packing our bags yesterday.  Last year I wrote Tips when you’re travelling with a baby :) What I wrote there were based on my personal experiences just like what I am going to write for us today.


We are making it a habit that we have to dine together before travelling :)

I just realized that as our babies steps into toddlerhood the amount of stuff that they need will be twice their age. When we travelled last year, Ellie is just 9 months old – we packed all of the basics and some additional things that might help but now – we packed the BASICS, what she wanted and stuff that kept her entertained and comfortable during the whole trip. Take note that whatever it is that we took with us… has a sole purpose – minimize any unwanted attention that might arise during our 9-hours flight. Ellie was 21 months when we left.

FOOD and lots of CLOTHES

As a mom – her food and clothes are my priorities.  Comfortable clothes and 3 more sets of clothes for “something happened” moments. The footwear should be comfortable too. Comfortable shoes lessens the “carry-me-daddy” situation. When it comes to food – we packed up  biscuits/cookies that she likes. Fruit bites and juices WITH straw. The straw reduces spills and the mess that might happen on board. We are loaded with milk and her water too. The funny thing with our little one – she prefers to eat what we are eating…so I am eating her stuff too :)


Wet wipes and hand sanitizers … don’t forget these. These are  necessities and LIFE-SAVERS. I also bought this Evian Mineral Water Facial Baby Spray. It helps us during her nappy changes and I used this to clean her face and hands. I don’t know how… but toddlers have the amazing ability to be messy.


Medicines, band-aids, insect repellant and a little bottle of alcohol in a zip-locked bag. The medicines are not only meant for Ellie – but for me and my hubby too. Whenever we travel we always make sure that we are all feeling well. It’s a nightmare to go on a trip when you’re sick.

HER FAVORITE TOY + a gadget she cannot refuse.

After giving her a lot of options to choose from… Ellie decided to bring her Minnie Mouse stuff toy with her for our vacation. We encourage her to read books and write using a pen and paper but that’s on a regular day – since we are travelling we’ve decided to allow her to use the tablet – we downloaded – baby games and puzzles and other educational applications that she can explore. Take note that this is our last resortand we weren’t able to use this during our flight back and forth because she ate, looked outside the window – watched a bit of Moana and fell asleep.


Ellie and her Trunki – Benny the Cat.

We also invested on a Trunki for Ellie and she loves it and the idea that she got her own bag to carry. At first she didn’t want to ride or even pull it..but you know how toddlers are. We didn’t bring any strollers with us because at her age right now – sitting is an enemy.  We also brought a neck pillow for her to keep her comfortable during the flight.

A happy baby is equal to a happy trip. I know parents like me prepare a lot of things and rituals just to make sure that their child will not have any problems – keeping them warm, safe and comfortable during their trip. Our toddlers are also adjusting to the environment and if it is an unfamiliar territory we have to help them to cope up with it.

When traveling with toddlers, It is really important to choose the right flights and fly at the right time of the day. We choose the late afternoon flight (4-6pm). Since Ellie’s nap time is around 11am-12pm or 1-2pm, if we fly in the late afternoon there’s a huge probability that she will miss her nap time.  And we prayed to God that that she will be tired enough to fall asleep on the flight – and she did :)

To each his own. Parents know what’s best for their kids and we just have to trust ourselves that we are doing what’s best for them always.

Share the love. How do you manage your travel experiences with toddlers in tow?

Do you have any tips on keeping them busy while you’re on the go?


32 is a happy number.

I just turned 32 and out of habit I started to Google facts and stuff about the number 32. And I learned that 32 is a HAPPY number. As much as I want to understand what a happy number is.. I cannot. I don’t know when this started, but every time I encounter calculations, computations or anything MATH-related my mind automatically wanders or shuts down. So there…my lovely readers,  just Google it too :)

So… hello there! I am Abigail,  I am 32,  I am wife, and I am cool-mom-not-a-regular-mom of an adorable little girl. I currently work as a Technical Specialist for DaVinci Resolve. Technical what?! I do trainings and workshops and troubleshoots and helps to resolve issues end-users are facing when it comes to DaVinci Resolve – which is one of the biggest names in the industry of post-production. I am an occasional blogger and I bake goodies – seasonally. I am still in the process of learning a lot of things and working on numerous improvements in different facets of my life :) Without any hesitations I can say that I am blessed with more than I deserve! So here (again) are some of my thoughts that I want to share with you my beloved readers.

Stop keeping score.This applies to life in general.  It’s not just about numbers. Life is not a competition. Studies show that we often overestimate our contribution. In social psychology, that’s called the Egocentric Bias.  Don’t you know that keeping scores leads to resentment? Nobody cares about the scorecard that you’re keeping inside your head! So stop feeding your ego.

Quality over Quantity. Having the best or perceived best of something rather than a lot of cheap or less valuable versions. It also applies to relationships, friendships and life – why live 90+ years… if the life lived lacks substance.

It will always get better. When I turned 30 I wrote  – There’s always one test that we are going to pass and after that everything will start to change. Keyword : LEVEL UP. We level-up and it just gets better and better. From our rebellious teenage years to our insecure twenties, to finding ourselves in (my case) our thirties …so if you’re feeling down,insecure and uncertain about so many things right now, trust me – life has work around with everything and it will be better.

Make your family a priority. My parents are largely responsible for getting me to where I’m at. They’ve been there for me when I felt alone. They supported and guided me even when we’re miles apart. As I grow older and older I realized how valuable having a great relationship with my family is and now that I have my own family I want to share the same values and love with my husband and daughter too. Always choose your family over anything or anyone else.

Hello positivity! :) when I turned 28 I wrote this as part of my blog entry “Always find a reason to be happy. Even if your heart is transforming from solid to liquid to gas – be happy.  It’s not always rainbows and butterflies…but looking at the brighter side helps. There are times that problems arise and we feel like giving up but like what I said previously – it will always get better.

Pray. Nothing beats the power of a heartfelt prayer. Pray not because we needed something but pray to give thanks to our Big Guy up there. This is one of the many things that we are teaching our daughter – praying before and after meals – before going to bed and even when she wakes up. It is a great way to appreciate what we have and to claim what God wants us to have by his grace and provision.

Love. Love your spouse. Love your kids. Love your family. Love the job that you have. Love mother nature. Carry a heart that never hates. Love.


I am not an expert when it comes to love and life and even motherhood. I am just writing these things as part of my reflections about the life and relationships that I have now.

I am 32 years grateful and 32 is a happy number indeed. :)  I hope that these inspires you one way or another :)


THIRTY TWO and high blood (plus other signs of ageing).

This is my thinking out loud moment :)

Ageing. Juskolord! Hindi ko ineexpect na sa edad ko na 32 meron na agad mga diagnosis na borderline hypertension! Nakakahigh-blood ang resulta ng check-up ko recently. Hanggang ngayon iniisip ko pa din kung tama ba un pagkakatingin ng doctor saakin. Hanggang ngayon iniisip ko saan ako nagkamali? habang sumasakit ang panga ko sa pagnguya ng mga sahog ng salad na kinakain ko! Yes. Gulay. Change lifestyle!  At hanggang ngayon iniisip ko pa din ganon ba talaga ko kalakas kumain?

Well… I am Thirty Two. Wala naman daw sa itsura. Thank you Lord sa genes na binigay mo saakin. I am so grateful. Hindi ko alam kung bakit sakto na naglalabasan ang lahat ng signs of ageing… kasabay ng pagkakawala ng age ko sa kalendaryo! Nung isang araw tinitigan ko ang sarili ko sa salamin at boom! nakakita ko ng linya sa noo ko. Isa. Malalim. Sabi ng mister ko kakakunot daw ng noo ko. Sa pagsusungit ko at pag irap. Stress mga bes. Napakamasayahin ko kaya. At eto pa – pa-share share pa ko ng mga cost-effective beauty tips tapos biglang may ganito. Wala na nga akong pilik mata meron pa kong wrinkles. Saan nanaman ako nagkamali?

Taon taon nagawa ako ng blog tungkol sa mga bagay bagay sa buhay ko – mga realizations, drama, saya,  in short mga ganap na parang artista. Hindi ako nakagawa last year (?) hindi ko na maalala (signs of ageing) dahil busy ako sa pagiging asawa at ina. Well madami naman kasing nababago pag mommy ka na – ung priorities mo. Yung mga bagay na nakakaubos ng oras mo, saka yung mga bagay na laman ng utak mo lahat yan nagiging family-oriented kahit nga ung mga simpleng bagay gaya ng pagbili mo ng mga kikay things maiiba yan eh – GATAS or kilay goals? Syempre… kilay goals si mister na bahala sa gatas?! char lang.

If there’s one lesson that I’ve learned before I reached the age of 32 – ingatan ang kalusugan. Health is wealth. Sa totoo lang nung lumabas ang results ng check-up sobrang nag alala ko. Hindi ito maari. Masyado pang baby si Ellie para maging sakitin ang mommy nya. Goal ko pa naman making COOL mom tapos highblood? cannot be.

Dapat maintain lang – ang ganda at health mga mars, wag natin iignore ang sarili natin dahil we’re running for BEST ASAWA at INA award. Manatiling maganda sa kabila ng lahat. Sabi nga nila madaming nagbabago saatin when we became mothers like humina na ang immune system natin (kinda) at sa mga di malaman na dahilan nagkakaroon ng diabetes or hypertension etc.

Promise magsusulat ako ng mas maayos kaysa dito. Sobrang busy lang.



It is not always what you think it is!

Hello there!

I’ve been suffering from a crazy headache few days back. It’s so crazy that it caused me to vomit and got a blurry vision. Migraine? I think so too. So I self medicated. Bad decision.

During the course of my dizziness and vomiting I requested my mom to take care of me (like a baby). She massage my head and requested me to sleep instead of staying up and fighting the ache. The headache is unexplainable. I took some medicines to lessen the pain but it remains the same.  Migraine! This is migraine I told myself and everyone.

I dozed off and went to work the following day. Again it’s back! I told them that I am not feeling okay because of my migraine. My husband brought me to the doctor and that’s when the GP informed me that I have high blood  – borderline hypertension. 150/100!

So yeah it is not always what we think it is!I realized that self-medication is a NO. I’ve been treating it as migraine when all along it is another complicated health condition.So  I am currently in a no-rice no-salt no caffeine etc diet. Fruits and veggies are my friends. We are monitoring my blood pressure 2x a day this week and I am scheduled for a blood, cholesterol and sugar test this week – hello fasting!

Take care of your health!


Staycation and Realizations.

It was not planned like other staycations we had during the past months but this made me realized a lot of things as a mom, as a wife and and as a person. Tags work schedule will be different than the past 6 months and he will not have a weekend off for this month, so he wanted to make this weekend worthwhile.

We booked a hotel in Abu Dhabi – we opt for Sheraton but they are fully booked during our preferred dates after one whole day of searching we booked for Al Raha Beach Hotel. We booked here because based on the reviews they are kid friendly and got a kids club and a nice kiddie pool too. Ellie is with us so this is not a romantic getaway with Tags.

There are lots of things inside my head. Ever since I became a mother I always caught myself overthinking and over analyzing a lot of things. I want to share these with you, not for you to judge me, but for me to check if I am alone in these thoughts.

The days are long but the years are short. I realized that Ellie is no longer a baby. We were watching her a she splashed the pool water… when Tags whispered that there’ll be a day that she will get married and he will cry. True enough, the years are really short. It seems like yesterday we were waiting for her to come out of this world and now she is throwing tantrums!

I wonder what’s the right age to finally accept Ellie’s independence. I know she’s just turning two, but during the whole trip – she is trying to do things on her own. Small things – like drinking in a glass, wearing her shoes, dressing herself, walking alone, trying to swim alone etc. Seriously? She is almost two and I felt like I am not needed anymore. [Clingy mother alert!!!]

I always thought about these moments. Yes… it is true. It dawned upon me that this is what I want. Walking hand in hand with my husband, wondering what to eat, where to go and what to do next. Planning for the future and thinking about what is in store for us. Yes. Whatever we have now is what I wanted and what I kept on praying for. Thank you Lord for the gift of family.

My husband is a blessing – no matter what. Well… I get pissed off and annoyed and irritated. We have our moments. We shared the same negative emotions but we sort things out and we don’t let these bad vibes get the best of us. Tags has always been a great father to Ellie. The way he takes care of her, the way he looks at her with love and joy and the efforts he exerts to provide all of our needs and wants. He is a wonderful husband too, marrying a crazy girl like me is a challenge.I don’t have to explain this further. He is a blessing to me…to us… rain or shine.

Time spent with the people we love = life’s precious moments. I was looking at them from a distance and I realized that, that exact moment is what I am living for. Seeing both my daughter and husband happy and well and filled with love cannot be exchanged for anything. Moments with your love ones will never be replaced. The people that I have in my life now are gifts to me. Whatever I have now I wished and prayed for.

There are a lot more thoughts in between these and a number of subtopics too… but there’s one thing that I don’t have to think or question about…and that is I love being a wife to my husband and a mother to our daughter. I might overthink, overreact and overdo numerous things when it comes to our family but for sure… all mothers do.