The little things :)

My hubby works on different shifts – yesterday his schedule started at 3pm and ended at 11pm. Usually, after putting Ellie to sleep I became sleepy too and I won’t be able to wait for him to reach home by midnight.

Last night, I was under the covers, dreaming. Then he woke me up with tons of kisses and hugs. He kept on bugging me and making me laugh and asking me questions about what I did the whole day and another topic that I was too sleepy to give an answer too.

He got my attention. He started looking for our spare light bulb for the lamp shade, he wants to turn on the humidifier etc. I got up and told him to stop looking for it and just search for it when the morning comes but he insisted. So I got up and there I saw this pink-wrapped box. He got me a gift.

I was like ” what is this?” What is this??” and he told me “when did I give you a gift and told you what is inside?” My husband, he might get a bit of a snob at times but he is a sweet person -I am so blessed to have him as a partner in life. Whenever I think about it, he knows how to show his love for me in countless ways and I never asked for it. I never asked him for attention or time or even little things like good morning and good night kisses. He makes me look forward the little things that made me appreciate the big things even more.