Product Review : Attipas and the Advantage of Walking Barefoot

Ellie is currently using her Crocs Kids – Keeley Sweets LED Sandal in ultraviolet/iris color. Her dad chose this one just to deviate from the regular pink things for girls. This is her footwear at home. We made sure that it fits her just right. Our main goal when we bought this – to protect her tiny feet and keep it clean.crocs

When we are purchasing shoes for her – we often look at the cuteness factor or what are the clothes that can match her footwear. Simple joys of having a baby girl. Honestly, I really don’t consider the ergonomics that she needs specially now that she is just learning how to walk properly.

logoI became aware of Attipas when I saw the ads in one of the baby shops in Mall of the Emirates. I read about it and search about articles regarding toddlers walking barefoot and what are the advantages and disadvantages. From then on, we’ve been planning to buy her Attipas for her daily use, but unfortunately we cannot find the right size for her. It’s either too big or too small. Last night while we’re looking for a gift, we found one and bought it for her.

For toddlers -there are more likely to be disadvantages and problems from wearing shoes than not wearing them. An article from Revolutionary Parent,a site dedicated to raising physically and psychologically healthy kids, argues that shoes are actually quite bad for children. Shoes destroy feet, preventing proper toe spread, which interferes with the foot’s ability to function properly, and prevent proper movement development, which can make children be more susceptible to foot and lower leg injury. The benefits of going barefoot, however, are plentiful. I didn’t know that until I read some articles about the advantages of walking without any shoes or slippers. (Mom,please read this.).

But we have to  consider the environment the child is in. Let’s be honest. Do I want Ellie walking on the streets or in the park barefoot, where there is dirt and possible hazards like glass or poo? No. No. No.

Attipas loosely translates to “precious steps”. The main goal of  this product is for our kids to be “just like walking barefoot”.Walking barefoot, whenever it’s safe –  helps muscles develop, allows the skin to breathe and feeling the ground beneath their feet will help them learn to walk and make their legs stronger. Attipas created a shoe that allows movement and mimics being barefoot but provides care and protection for those tiny little feet. slide_benefits__69885

Ellie loved her new walking gear – she gets giggly over the color that we chose for her and it fits her well. This is the exact design  that we bought. There’s a big difference when she walks wearing her Attipas Rainbow and her Crocs.

These are also fully machine washable, lightweight and breathable. Don’t worry about the sizes. Attipas can be worn by our kids up to 4 years. Here’s the size chart that  you might want to check out: size-chart

This pre walker shoes come in eight gorgeous styles: Corsage, Polkadot, Ballet, Rainbow, Marine, Sneaker, Organic and New Sneaker.

Are we saying goodbye to her other shoes? No, we are not. But we will let her use this as much as possible. When she can walk properly (not stumbling or falling down or slipping) then we will let her use her Stan Smith shoes :)

This is not a paid advertisement. I just want to share with you my thoughts about this product :)





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